Can a Bowling Ball Crack in Cold Weather?

Can a bowling ball crack in cold weather

Can a bowling ball crack in cold weather? A bowling ball can crack when subject or exposed to an extremely cold weather. Asides weather conditions, a bowling ball will also crack when the coverings that make it up begin to expand or contract under the effect of heat (or cooling). That is why it is … Read more

Can Gardening Cause Miscarriage? – Safety Precautions to Take

Can gardening cause miscarriage

Can gardening cause miscarriage? No, gardening cannot cause miscarriage. It is one of the activities in the soft-effect cadre that are pretty safe for pregnant women. But then, a lot of care must be taken by a pregnant woman who loves to work in the garden. The reason for that is traced to a condition … Read more

Why Does My Wrist Hurt After Bowling? + arm, middle & ring finger

Why does my wrist hurt after bowling? When the wrist begins to hurt after a bowling game, it is mostly because of an injury to the muscles or nerves around the carpals of the wrist. Most times, the issue starts with growing numbness around the forearm down to the hand. In such a scenario, the … Read more

Can Playing Golf Cause Chest Pain?

Can playing golf cause chest pain

Can playing golf cause chest pain? Golf is a game that involves the exertion of the muscles in the upper torso. When there’s too much exertion of these muscles, the result is a sharp chest pain. It’s a very chill game that shouldn’t naturally cause chest pain. But then, over-exertion of the chest muscles can … Read more

Does Aloe Vera Kill Scabies, Eggs and Mites?

Does Aloe Vera kill scabies

Does Aloe Vera kill scabies? No, Aloe Vera does not kill scabies. Scabies is a condition that can only be eradicated with chemically constituted medications. These medications are usually recommended by physicians. We’d be looking at a number of them as we go down this text. The only thing that Aloe Vera can help someone … Read more

Can Bowling Cause Miscarriage?

Can bowling cause miscarriage

Can bowling cause miscarriage? Bowling will not cause miscarriage if done with a lot of caution and care. The pregnant woman also has to ensure that she ticks certain boxes before she proceeds to play the game. In this section, we will look all the factors that determine the safety of the fetus growing in … Read more

Can You Use Boric Acid Suppositories While on Your Period?

Can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period

Can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period? Using boric acid suppositories while you are on your period is a no-no! For one, boric acid is highly toxic with side effects that are still unknown. You can’t be sure of what effect it could have on you as a result. Another thing to … Read more

Can Jumping Accidentally Cause Miscarriage in Early Pregnancy?

Can jumping cause miscarriage in early pregnancy

Can jumping cause miscarriage in early pregnancy? Jumping will not cause miscarriage in early pregnancy. One myth about miscarriages is that they happen when the woman goes through an extremely rigorous activity. Here’s a piece of information that proves the myth wrong. The developing fetus is surrounded by an amniotic fluid that works to absorb … Read more