Can Yorkies Eat Oranges? – is it Good or Bad for them?

can yorkies eat oranges and orange peels

Can yorkies eat oranges? Yorkies can eat oranges. The reason for debate on this topic is the fact that most dogs find it difficult to digest food that most humans eat. And indeed, some of these foods are dangerous for the dog while the others can be eaten by them. The latter option only stands … Read more

Why is My Wheaten Terrier So Aggressive? & When Do They Calm Down?

why is my wheaten terrier so aggressive

Why is my wheaten terrier so aggressive? One of the peculiar features of the wheaten terrier breed is their aggressiveness. They are dogs with a whole lot of energy for playful activities.  In this article, we will exhaust everything you need to know about wheaten terrier, at the end, you’d probably be able to understand … Read more

How Often Do Husky Puppies Pee & Poop in a Day? + How to Potty Train

how often do husky puppies pee and poop

How often do husky puppies pee? Husky puppies pee every time they eat or drink—an average of 12 times daily. They could also pee after taking part in a very lively game or activity. To avoid situations where the husky puppies pee anywhere, you have to start something called potty training. In this training, you … Read more

Do Carpet Beetles & Bed Bugs Stink When Squished? – What Smell & Why

Do carpet beetles and bed bugs stink when squished

Do carpet beetles stink when squished? Yes, carpet beetles stink when squished. They are usually found on carpets and may feed off other materials like wool, silk, feathers, etc. Carpet beetles are very small, and have a size within the range that falls between 1/16” and 1/8”. They have oval shapes and have different colors—white, … Read more

How long can You Leave Newborn Puppies Unattended? + When to Attend

How long can you leave newborn puppies unattended

How long can you leave newborn puppies unattended? Don’t leave newborn puppies unattended to for long. You should ensure that you check up on them hourly to be sure they are safe and well-fed. Most of the other reasons have been discussed in the below sections. To get your puppies big and healthy, frequent check-up … Read more