Can Bowling Cause Miscarriage?

Can bowling cause miscarriage

Can bowling cause miscarriage?

Bowling will not cause miscarriage if done with a lot of caution and care. The pregnant woman also has to ensure that she ticks certain boxes before she proceeds to play the game.

In this section, we will look all the factors that determine the safety of the fetus growing in a pregnant woman’s belly.

First, bowling is a game where you throw either a ball or duck pin at a cluster of other balls or duck pins. It requires a lot of balance and goal targeting.

Bowling precautions during pregnancy

For a woman who has been bowling even before she got pregnant, her body would have been accustomed to the stances required in the game. However, for first-time bowlers, a lot of precaution is required.

If they are followed to the letter, the incidence of miscarriages can be greatly reduced. Check out the list below;

  1. Bowling Exerts a Lot of Pressure on the Back and Abdominal Muscles

The reason is because you have to bend, pick up a ball, position your body in a crouch stance, and then, target the ball at a cluster of other balls.

So, there’s a high possibility of the pregnant woman feeling some level of discomfort after the game. Sometimes, the discomfort could develop into full-fledged pain.

That is why it is recommended that the pregnant woman channels the exertion into muscles that are distal to her abdomen, i.e., the muscles in the upper part of her body—the shoulder and arms.

Trying that out the first time might not be easy. But then, hiring a gym trainer can be the way out.

He or she would assist the pregnant woman in training her upper torso in such a way that it is the receptacle of all the forces exerted.

Another thing that can be done with the aid of a gym assistant is the development of the muscles in the abdomen.

There are several exercises safe for pregnant women that can make the abdominal muscles more defined and able to absorb the extra force or pressure.

  1. Like it was stated earlier, Bowling involves the Use of Balls and Duck Pins

But then, it is recommended that pregnant women stay away from balls for the meantime. They are much heavier than duck pins and may end up exerting too much pressure on the abdominal muscles.

Duck pins on the other hand have perfect and well-sculptured grip points that allow them to be held without too much force.

For women who prefer the bowling balls—most times, the professional bowlers—they should ensure that they go for the light balls. Another factor they should consider is the size of the ball.

They should always go for balls that can be easily gripped.

  1. Bowling is a Fast-Paced and Energetic Game

As a professional bowler, you might want to go with that same ideology while being pregnant. But then, you need to remind yourself in time that you have a growing fetus in your belly.

You also need to realize that pregnant women have lesser stability than women who aren’t. What this means is that you can fall if your move too quickly or powerfully.

When throwing the ball or duck pin, ensure that you move in a broken pace. Don’t go all at once. Work with the slow and steady principle. That way, you can catch yourself in time if you happen to lose your footing.

You also don’t have to be worried about losing your hits.

With the right amount of force applied to the ball and concentration on your side, you can clear all balls or duck pins, even without you running or moving quickly.

  1. You Have to Always Pay Attention to Your Body

Yes, all the tips above are very important. But then, there are certain conditions where the body demands that you make little or no movements. In such cases, being slow or careful might not keep you safe.

Once you begin to feel weak or drowsy, reduce the movement or slow down a little bit. If the weakness continues even after you do that, immediately stop bowling.

When to stop bowling during pregnancy

There are several conditions that call for you stopping a bowling game you are involved in and they include the following;

  • Headache or chest pain
  • Rushed discharge from the vagina, either clear or colored
  • Bleeding from the vaginal opening
  • Abdominal pain
  • Discomfort at joints and along bones
  • Sudden contractions

There are some cases where bowling should be a big no-no. Example of such scenario include the following below;

  • Previously Suffered from a Miscarriage

When the pregnant woman has previously suffered from a miscarriage. Such requires that the woman handle the next pregnancy with a higher level of caution.

  • Case of Multiple Pregnancy

Another scenario that doesn’t encourage bowling is when a woman has a case of multiple pregnancy, i.e., when she’s carrying more than one child.

The body is usually stressed on little movements and so, it’s necessary that the woman is very careful and still.

  • Previous incidence of Premature Labor

Premature labor is when the pregnant woman goes into labor before her due date. The consequence of this is that the baby won’t be well-developed yet, at least, enough for the baby to carry out the vital activities.

As a result, the baby is made to live temporarily in an incubator that provides the same condition as the womb of the mother.

In some cases, premature labor could lead to the death of the baby and so, it should be totally avoided.

  • Preeclampsia

This condition is characterized by an abnormal flow of blood in the placenta. It usually occurs when the woman has been pregnant for more than 20 weeks.

One sign of this condition is an unusual swelling noticed in the woman’s body as a result of an increase in blood pressure.

  • Placenta Previa

This condition is defined by a low-lying placenta. A placenta is low-lying when it lies just at the opening of the cervix. This condition may not be dangerous at first.

But then, when the placenta’s location remains the same after a period of time, it breeds worry on the part of the mother.



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