Can Golf Balls Explode? – When & How Does it Explode?

Can golf balls explode

Can golf balls explode?

Golf balls can explode or go bad, but then, this only happens once in every ten situations. Golf balls are equipment used in the golf game. The golf game is usually played across a field looped with holes. If you ever go across the countryside, you’d most likely find these fields, and men holding clubs of different sizes. The clubs are used to strike against the ball in order to provide enough force that will propel the ball into motion.

As a result of the impact the club makes against the ball, the ball is one of the equipment that is liable to having a lot of wear and tear.

Asides from the impact of the club factor, factors like the rate or number of times you play the game, the kind of terrains along which the game is played, the kind of club you work with, etc., determine the health of your golf ball.

It is because of the factors listed above that golf balls are usually made to be very strong and firm.

The manufacturers of these balls mold the ball out of very durable materials which are in turn coated with several layers of paint. These layers are known as the surface coverings of the golf ball.

It is these covers that are most liable to wearing out after a while.

These wears can occur in form of scratches, nicks, dents, cracks, etc. Even these wear occur very rarely.

However, the moment you begin to see changes on the trajectory path of your swings, you should suspect an issue with your golf ball.

Explosions on the other hand will only occur when the ball is subject to too much pressure. For example, a golf ball can only take pressure that is as much as 4000 pounds.

Tips to improve your golf game

When playing the golf game, you have to bear in mind some basic steps and precautions. First, you have to get a club that will get you the best shot.

Note that these clubs differ in the distance that they propel the ball through. Another thing that you should consider is the speed and direction at which the wind is moving.

All of these factors determine how good your golf game will be. They also determine the terminal condition of your golf balls.

After getting your clubs and ball ready, the next thing to do is position your body using the right stance. You need to pick out a stance that will help you ram the head of the club right against the ball.

If adequate, the force with which you make the contact will propel the ball right into the hole. If inadequate, you have to swing the club again, until the ball rolls into the hole.

Now, some people may make these strikes more than once. For example, if the ball doesn’t enter the hole at the first swing, they have to repeat it again until it does.

The winner of a golf game is the person that makes the fewest number of swings before pushing the ball into the hole. A win is usually termed as an eagle or birdie.

Another thing you need to consider when playing your golf game is the type of club you work with. There are different types of clubs—iron clubs, wooden clubs, wedges, and putters club.

The iron club will fetch you shots in different directions and dimensions. The wooden ones are more often used as they are easy and lighter to swing.

Another good thing about the wooden club is that it can be swung through a larger angle, thereby fetching you a longer shot.

A wedge club is preferred for approach shots. An approach shot in a golf game is made when you swing your golf club in such a way that the ball shoots far from the fairway.

These shots are also described as shots that you make 100 yards away from the hole. The last kind of club that will be described here is the putter club. It is used solely on the green of the golf field.

What tips should be bear in mind when playing the golf game though?

Work with the right equipment

Ensure that you work with the right equipment. Like we have stated above, there are different makes of clubs that you can use for your golfing game. The one you should go for should match up with your skill level.

If you are playing the game for fun, you can go for the cheap to moderately expensive ones. For more professional golfers, you can go for the expensive ones.

Some golfers may even prefer to borrow or rent clubs if they only plan to play the game during their leisure hours.

Find a perfect location

Golfing is a game that requires a lot of space and range for swinging of the clubs. You’d find a lot of these perfect locations along the country sides.

There are also fields for golfing that you can easily go to when you want to play.

Learn the basics of the game

Taking time to learn the basics of the game will go a long way in helping you make the right shots. You could hire an instructor or play with professional golfers.

From there, you get to pick up one or two skills that can help you make the perfect swing.

Practice intensely

If you are going to ever win a golf game, you have to make sure you practice intensely. Spend time swinging your clubs and making shots.

It strengthens your upper limbs for the game and also makes you fit to make better and more powerful swings.

Make shots at the right time

Golf requires that you make shots or swings when you are feeling very calm. Always make sure that you take in a deep breath before you swing the club.

Don’t hesitate to withdraw temporarily from the game if you feel too worked up. You may only end up swinging the ball way past the boundary.


Focus is another tip that steals the game, always. Keep your mind and eyes trained to whatever target you are aiming at. Blur out every other thing from your mind too.

It may do you a lot of good to take visualization lessons too. That way, you are trained to have a visual idea of the shot you are about to make.


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