Can I Pee or Poop After inserting Suppository?

Can I Pee or Poop After inserting suppository

Can I pee after inserting suppository?

You can pee after inserting suppository, it’s fine, but then, if it occurs right after insertion, it could lead to a reduction in the effectiveness of the drug. Suppositories are drugs in form of slender cones that are inserted either into the vagιnal or rectal opening.

The cones are usually placed in environments where they can harden up into solid shapes. An example of this environment is the refrigerator. So, once they are inserted into the warm vagιnal or rectal opening, they melt and then, get diffused into the surrounding blood vessels.

The fact that these drugs melt means that they can be washed right out of the vagιna after insertion. That is why it is recommended that these suppositories are inserted at night when you have peed and are ready to sleep. However, if you must pee after inserting suppository, let it not be immediately after insertion. The only time when peeing has no effect at all on the usage of a suppository is when you are using one for the rectum.

Let’s briefly study what rectal suppositories are. They are also slender cones that are inserted into the rectal opening. Before these suppositories are used, it is advised that you empty your bowels first. That way, the drug can be the most effective. The drug is used to treat allergies, nausea, fever, constipation, bipolar disorders, etc.

For vagιnal suppositories, you fix them into the vagιna from a comfortable angle. They are used in the treatment of fungal infections like candiasis, bacterial infections like bacterial vaginosis, dryness of the vagιna, etc. Asides therapeutic purposes, these suppositories can also be used for birth control measures.

Below are reasons suppositories have to be inserted and not swallowed

  • Most of the active ingredients in such drugs would be broken down at rates too fast for them to be effective.
  • Some patients hate to swallow medicines and have to resort to the use of suppositories.
  • In a case where your gastrointestinal tract constantly gets irritated, you’d end up vomiting whatever pill you take. That’s why you could be asked to use suppositories instead.
  • When a medicine has a totally unpleasant taste, you could resort to taking it as a suppository.

How do you insert a suppository?

There are two ways of inserting a suppository and they include the following;

Rectal route

  • Using the toilet before inserting the suppository in the rectal opening is a must. That way, the active ingredients of the drug can easily move to the area it is needed. You also wouldn’t have to reduce the effectiveness of the drug by passing it out with your feces.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Ensure that you rinse off the soap from your fingers to prevent a further irritation of your rectal opening.
  • Peel off the plastic sheath from the rectal suppository.
  • To allow for a smooth insertion through the rectum, ensure that you lubricate the end with water. You could also work with any other smooth lubricant that would ease the insert.
  • Position your body in a comfortable angle. One of the best angles for a rectal insertion is one where you lift your leg at a ninety-degree angle. You can place that raised foot on a chair and then, proceed carefully with the insertion.
  • Ensure that your butt cheeks are wide open. You can then insert the suppository.
  • You must not move about after that. Sit still with your laps pressed firmly together for about 20 minutes. This timeframe allows for the medication to properly dissolve within the rectum. It also prevents the drug from being discharged from the rectal opening.
  • Wash your hands after you are done.

Vagιnal route

  • Wash your hands with soap and water. Ensure that the soap is entirely washed off to prevent your vagιna from getting irritated.
  • Peel off the plastic sheath from the suppository. If you are going to work with the insert tip, fix the suppository in.
  • Get your body propped in a comfortable angle. The best angle for this is when your back lies against a surface and your knees bend towards your chest.
  • The moment you are in a position comfortable for you, start with the insert.
  • If you are working with your finger, you would need to push the suppository totally in. If you are working with an insert tip, press the plunge button. That would push the suppository completely into the vagιna.
  • Make sure you remain in that position for a while to allow for the drug to kick into action.
  • Wash your hands when you are done.

Can I poop after inserting suppository?

Of course, you’d still have to poop after inserting a suppository into your rectal opening. The only time pooping becomes a problem is when the suppository was only recently inserted. That way, the drug doesn’t get to do the work it was inserted to do. It is sent right out with the feces. The only time pooping doesn’t mean much is when you are working with a vagιnal insert.

The best thing to do when using a rectal suppository is to expel all the feces from the rectum first. After that, you can then go ahead with the insertion. In a case where you have had surgery done on your rectum previously, ensure that you contact your doctor before using the rectal suppository.



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