Can I Transfer my Airbnb Reservation to Someone Else?

Can I transfer my airbnb reservation to someone else

Can I transfer my airbnb reservation to someone else?

You can transfer your Airbnb reservation to someone else. However, you’d need to follow a list of procedures that’d be discussed later in this section. First, let’s see what Airbnb is and the rules that guide the operations on the site.

Airbnb is a rental company that offers lodging options to travelers and other individuals on vacations. The company’s activities are fully online.

So, to work with it, you have to log in via their website—airbnb—or their mobile app.

You also need to note that the listings on airbnb are only available for short-term purposes (usually for a time frame of 28 days or less).

Airbnb—Air, bed and breakfast—is also what you need if you want to stay at a local area. When hotels are unavailable, you could easily stay at buildings or homes at the outskirts of town.

Things to know about airbnb

Check out other amazing features of the Airbnb platform here;

  • You get to rent a space for prices that are way lower than what hotels charge
  • You get to have a homely environment for your lodging needs
  • You don’t have to worry about hanging payments. You can only make payments after your host has accepted the reservation.

The hosts are also paid a day after you’ve settled in their building. So, you don’t have to worry about your reservation getting cancelled.

  • You can work with any means of payment—credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Google Pay, etc.
  • Tax reductions are not automatically deducted on the Airbnb platform. So, you don’t have to worry about haphazard deductions from your credit card.
  • The Airbnb hosts are mandated to provide the guests with all the essentials they need—toiletries, pillows, towels, etc.

Some host could choose to top up their guest services, and you can know by checking out their reviews and ratings.

  • Responses to reservations and other requests are usually quick. So, as a guest, you don’t have to be held up for long.
  • If you rent a whole building for your vacation, you wouldn’t have to stay with your host. However, a shared room would mean that you stay with your host in the same building.
  • Airbnb transactions are very safe and secure. You can also be assured that every detail you upload on the website won’t be leaked to a third-party.

The only time an issue could arise is when you have your dealings outside the jurisdiction of Airbnb.

  • You can find a building or listing that suits your budget without going through much stress. You could check via the maps or the filter search option.
  • There’s hardly any discrimination on Airbnb. Regardless of your race, gender, or religion, you can easily get a listing that suits your needs.
  • On finding a listing that suits you, you can know everything about the house at a single glance—the dimensions of the rooms available, the regulations guiding the house, the safety rules, etc.

You can also know what other people have had to say about the houses, rooms and customer services.

How to transfer airbnb booking to new owner

Now that you have an idea of all the details surrounding Airbnb, let’s see the procedures that guide the transfer of an airbnb reservation to someone else.

1. Before you can book a reservation on Airbnb—either for yourself or for someone else—you have to ensure that you have an account. That account should also be a verified one.

The process of verification happens after you have submitted the required documents—ID cards, utility bills, driver licenses, or Visa cards.

Whatever document you work with should have your legally approved name and geographical address.

2. When making a booking for another person, you’d have to handle the first step of procedures yourself.

The first step includes the introductory phases (searching for a suitable property, checking out the ratings and reviews of the host, etc.) and the payment step.

Note that the payment can only be made after the host has accepted the booking.

3. You’d then move on to transfer all the necessary details to the person you made the airbnb reservation for. However, this step doesn’t mark the end of your duties.

You’d still have to let the host know of the changes you made, i.e., the transfer of reservation.

4. You and the actual guest can have a joint message with the host. There, acquaint one another of the conditions and then, the host can give you all the details and guidance as regards the travel.

However, this feature is possible only when the actual guest has an account on the Airbnb website.

5. If the guest doesn’t have an account, you can still transfer your reservation. The only issue here is that you’d have to provide the person’s email address.

From there, Airbnb would have a message forwarded to them. The message would contain details as to how they can easily open an Airbnb account and then, get validated.

6. Airbnb would also be responsible for acquainting them with the steps they need to take in accepting the booking request forwarded to them.

7. For you, the original guest, you may receive a notification as regards a pre-authorization hold on your card. The hold usually goes on until the transfer process is over.

The payment would only be charged from your card after the other guest has accepted the booking request.

Airbnb change name on reservation

The Airbnb change name on reservation feature is only available to the Airbnb hosts. Below are steps that describe how you can go about it;

  1. Log in to your Airbnb account via the mobile app or the Airbnb website.
  2. Click Trips
  3. Click the reservation you want to edit or make changes to.
  4. Click Manage Guests
  5. Enter the name of the guest. You could also change the existing name.
  6. Save your changes by clicking the Save icon.

The only features you can change as a guest include the following;

  • Whether or not you want to extend or shorten the period for the trip.
  • Whether or not you want to increase the number of guests that the host would be having.

However, you’d have to wait for the host to approve of the changes before it gets registered. On those changes, you could be prompted to pay more or less. It all depends on the changes you make.


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