Can Yorkies Eat Oranges? – is it Good or Bad for them?

can yorkies eat oranges and orange peels

Can yorkies eat oranges?

Yorkies can eat oranges. The reason for debate on this topic is the fact that most dogs find it difficult to digest food that most humans eat. And indeed, some of these foods are dangerous for the dog while the others can be eaten by them. The latter option only stands when the food is given to the dog as a treat, not as a frequent diet they take on.

Let’s run down a list of fruits and veggies and see which is great for your dog and which isn’t.


This fruit shouldn’t be eaten by a dog. The reason for this is because it contains a toxic substance known as persin. What persin does is to stimulate vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. From recent studies, it has been discovered that the inner flesh may not be as persin-rich as the skin. But then, the percentage of persin present is still quite harmful for your dog.


This fruit is quite good for dogs. They are rich in essential minerals like potassium, vitamins, etc. Bananas are also very low in calories, cholesterol and sodium. However, it isn’t recommended to give bananas to your dogs as a major food. The reason for this is because bananas have a high sugar content that isn’t too good for your dogs.


This fruit is very rich in antioxidants which help to get rid of harmful radicals in the body of your dog. They are also rich in fiber that would aid the easy pooping of your dog. Giving blueberries to your dog as treat is a habit you should have.


Cherries are rich sources of cyanide which has harmful effects to the distribution of oxygen around the tissues of the body. Once a dog feeds on cherries, it begins to suffer symptoms like difficulty in breathing and dilated pupils.


This fruit happens to be one of the fruits that are dangerous to the health of dogs. The degree of toxicity of this fruit is so high that it could get the kidneys of your dog dysfunctional.


This fruit is rich in several vitamins, potassium, and beta-carotene. However, ensure that you get rid of the seed and skin first as they contain cyanide and other toxic elements that could lead to the choking of your dog. Mango is also so sugary that they should only be given as treats to your dog.


Oranges can be eaten by dogs. They are rich in essential minerals like Vitamin C and Potassium. When offering oranges to your dogs, ensure that you remove the peel and the seeds. Dogs find it hard to digest the seeds. The peel also has a sharp and pungent flavor that emanates from the oil contained in it. These oils can mess with the nose of your dog. It also has adverse effects on their gastrointestinal system.


Never give your dog’s green tomatoes. The ripe and red ones are safe to some extent, but then, the green ones contain a constituent known as solanine, which could make your dog really sick.


If you are going to feed your dogs with watermelon, ensure that you get rid of the seeds! The seeds usually act as obstruction in the intestine and that is highly unsafe for them. The fruit itself is rich in several Vitamins—A, B, and C. It will also help to keep your dogs hydrated since it has high water content. So, if you ever find yourself wondering what treat to give your dog, stick with watermelon.


This veggie is safe for your dog when it is eaten in small quantities. It is very rich in fiber and Vitamin C. Broccoli however has a high percentage of isothiocyanates which causes irritation of the gastric system in dogs.

Brussels sprouts

This veggie is very good for your dog. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients. However, ensure that you do not feed your dog with too much of them. The reason is because they cause gassiness in dogs.


Say yes to carrots. They are low in calories and high in fiber. Because of how crunchy carrots are, they can be very great treats for your dog.


Mushrooms should never be included in your dog’s diet. The reason is because they contain highly toxic elements that can lead to a dog dying.

Green beans

Green beans are great for your dog as long as there are no additives like salt. They are also very rich with minerals, vitamins and very low in calories.


Onions are bad for dogs. They cause several adverse effects and they include the rupturing of the red blood cells. Diarrhea, constipation, weakness, etc.

Can yorkies eat orange peels?

Yorkies shouldn’t eat orange peels. The reason is because they contain toxic constituent that can lead to your dog getting really sick. These peels can also be an impediment in the digestion route of your dog and may only be gotten rid of after surgery. So, to stay on the good side, it is advised that you do not feed your yorkies with orange peels.

Yorkies can eat oranges but not orange peels.

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