Can You Bowl While Pregnant 1st, 2nd and 3rd Trimester?

can you bowl while pregnant 1st 2nd 3rd trimester

Can you bowl while pregnant 1st trimester?

Yes, you can bowl while pregnant in your 1st trimester so long as bowling is something you have been doing before and your doctor says it is safe for you to bowl.

Bowling is a low-impact activity with no running or shoving, making it safe for you to participate even when you are pregnant.

Participating in low-impact activities during pregnancy can eventually result in easy and safe delivery, and improve the rate of recovery after delivery.

As a pregnant woman, the very first advice you should adhere to is not to start anything you were not already doing before your pregnancy. This is not a good time to learn a new sport.

If bowling has always been what to do, there is no stopping you, you are safe to knock down some pins.

While you might have honed and developed your bowling skills over time, during pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes besides the baby growing.

Even as a regular bowler, these changes can affect the way you bowl. You will need to adjust the way you play if you want to be on the safe side.

The first to do is to consult your doctor if bowling is going to be safe for you. Pregnancy comes with different safety conditions and your doctor is the one that can help you reach a conclusion on that.

If your doctor has agreed that bowling will be safe for you, you still need to take a few precautions to ensure that you are doing it safely.

Pay attention to your body feeling

Pregnancy changes are different for different persons. The changes do not occur at the same times for everyone. When you bowl, pay attention to how you feel and make necessary adjustments.

During the First Trimester (0-12 weeks of pregnancy) your body’s hormones start to kick into overdrive. This overdrive makes you experience frequent exhaustion accompanied by light-headedness and nausea.

Always be aware of how you are feeling when you bowl. If you start experiencing tiredness, stop playing immediately and sit down. To keep this feeling minimal, ensure you stay hydrated always.

Maintain a slow pace

The first trimester is when the relaxin levels are highest. The relaxin hormone causes your body parts to relax, both the parts required for childbirth and other parts like the face and also the fingers.

This can affect your grip and cause you to drop things more often than usual.

Your sense of balance can be thrown off as well because of the effect of the relaxin hormone on other parts of your body, and also your center of gravity shifting with your growing belly.

A wrong move can cause you serious injuries. Move slowly, bowl slowly to avoid slips and falls. A slower pace will help you react well and coordinate your balance as you bowl. If you move too fast, you might not have enough time to.

Avoid putting much pressure on the back

Your growing stomach will cause more pressure to be laid on your back, hence the constant backache. Also, the joints and ligaments tend to lose strength during pregnancy.

Since bowling requires the upper body strength, trying to bowl a heavy bowling ball can cause increased pressure on your back and make you prone to injuries.

When you bowl, aim to keep your back straight and your knees bent. You can even use a pregnancy belt to help distribute your weight and avoid pressure on the back.

If you start feeling pains on the back when you make certain moves, readjust the way you are doing it or take a break and rest.

Can you bowl while pregnant 2nd trimester

You can bowl while pregnant in your 2nd trimester without any issues. If you stick to some simple rules, you can bowl to your heart’s content and not worry about anything.

The Second Trimester is within 12-24 weeks of pregnancy. By now your baby is growing and so does your belly. This directly affect your center of balance.

Your center of gravity will shift and your balance may become unsteady. To avoid tripping over, when you bowl, always plant your feet firmly when standing.

Balance might seem a little off during this period, so try as much as possible not to twist excessively when you are moving the bowling balls. Too much might offset your balance and you might not be able to handle it.

The weight of the growing baby is going to put more weight on your stomach, making you rely on your back. Bending down can put more strain on it. Instead of using your back, bend with your knees when bowling.

Your balance is going to be sketchy at the stage, so using your knees is going to give you a good sense of balance. Also it shifts the pressure from your back and helps with the backaches in the process.

When you bowl, keep in mind that your joints will be weakened easily since upper body strength is needed to bowl. Try not to overwork it with much weight. Go for light weight bowling balls.

The 2nd trimester also comes with the dizziness, same as the 1st trimester. Once you start experiencing any dizziness, it is best you take a break and warm the bench.

Lastly, do not skip doing stretches before and after you finish bowling. This will help with keeping possible cramping at bay.

Can you bowl while pregnant 3rd trimester?

Yes, you can bowl while pregnant in 3rd trimester if you have the green light from your doctor, you have been bowling before pregnancy and you are strictly taking the necessary precautions.

In the Third Trimester (between 24-40 weeks of pregnancy) the blood pressure drops because the blood vessels expand to accommodate more blood rerouted to the fetus.

Long periods of sitting and lying down also contributes to low blood pressure.

Because of the drop in blood pressure, you are going to experience dizziness and frequent leg cramps, and swelling of your limbs and face every now and then.

You will also experience more backaches and false contractions (Braxton-Hicks contractions).

Be sensitive to your body changes and warning signs and adhere strictly to all health guidelines at all times, while bowling and at home.

Pay attention to your feet and shoe size

The amount of fluid held by your body increases when you are pregnant.

Just the same way fluids will behave in a medium, this extra amount of water tends to gather at the lowest parts of the body which are your feet most of the time. This causes swelling of the legs.

When you bowl, you are going to be standing while at it. And because you will be standing a lot, the body fluid is going to flow into the legs making them swollen, especially if the weather is hot.

All this is going to cause you discomfort and also pain if you are putting on tight shoes. You should go a size or two up from the normal size when picking your shoes for bowling.

Avoid standing for too long and rest your feet at every chance you get. When taking turns at the pins, rest your feet by elevating them. Sit down and place your feet on something high, like a chair.

This will reduce the fluid flowing into the feet and keep them less swollen.

In general, to help with the swelling limit the amount of caffeine you take and avoid spicy or fatty foods. Ensure you stay hydrated all the time and have plenty of rest. Yes, rest is important.

Respect your body limits

Now is not a time to get all motivated and push yourself harder or maybe break a record or two. Pay serious attention to warning signs of your body.

You should acknowledge the limit you can go and once you get there, stop. If possible adjust your game to be safe and comfortable for you. If you the ball is suddenly too heavy, get a lighter one.

Go with a friend

This is the last phase of pregnancy, you do not want to risk it. Something might happen and you might need to get to the ER as quickly as possible. You should have someone handy to drive you to the hospital.



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