Can You Get an Airbnb for a Few Hours or One Night?

Can you get an airbnb for a few hours

Can you get an airbnb for a few hours?

Yes, you can get an Airbnb for a few hours. The only downside to these kinds of bookings is that they may come out to be more expensive than the regular ones. For example, if you are seeking to book a room in a place where there aren’t too many listings, the price comes off higher. The same scenario also occurs during the holidays and festive seasons. Without any of the scenarios above coming to play, you can get your Airbnb at cheaper rates!

Here’s how you can know that a room is available for a few hours, especially if you want to book the same day you need the room.

The settings are usually made by the host, so, we will also look at this from the host’s point-of-view.

  • You have to make the changes from the calendar. Type in the date you want to fix the instant booking feature to. Ensure that you type in the accurate date.
  • Some hosts require that you book a day in advance even if you want to use a room or building for a few hours.

So, when searching, you have to ensure that you type the date of the day prior to the day you need the building or room.

  • If you need a building for a few hours, it is best you make your bookings early in the morning. Most hosts have time settings for the Instant booking feature.

For example, the feature could become deactivated after a particular time, say, 3p.m. Also, searching early in the day will allow you to have a wide range of rooms or buildings to pick from.

  • When searching for buildings or rooms available for instant booking, you can try to use filters. You will see the ‘Instant Book’ tag under all the filter options.

This way, your search result is streamlined to buildings that are available for immediate bookings. Another good thing about this filter option is that you can make a reservation without waiting for the host to approve.

  • Once you find a place that suits your needs, check out the price to see if it is something you are comfortable with. The instant book feature for that room or building should also be activated.

You have to make sure of that.

  • You need to confirm with the host before you begin to head to the location though. Most times, hosts may not even be aware that the Instant feature is activated for their building.

After you are sure that you can make your booking quite alright, you can then begin to head over to the building.

  • In case you cannot get any building to book, look for a hotel that you can pay for by the hour. It will save you the stress of scouring through Airbnb for a room or building.

Can you book airbnb for one night?

Yes, you can book Airbnb for one night. Who doesn’t like sleepovers at really nice places? For example, you go for a business meeting in a particular location far from home. Then, on your way home, a storm starts.

Or let’s say you have an issue with your vehicle. Instead of hitting the streets at night, you could just book an Airbnb for a night stay.

However, before you can book any building on the Airbnb website, you have to ensure that you are a verified member of Airbnb.

No host will be willing to invite someone whose identity isn’t known into his or her building for the night.

How to verify your identity on airbnb

Below are steps that you can take to get verified;

1. You have to first create an account on the Airbnb website. You can download the app on either Play Store (for Android devices) or Apple Store (for Apple devices). You can also work through the Airbnb website.

2. The process of identity confirmation requires that you present certain documents—your government ID, your driver’s license, your passport, your VISA card, etc.

It could be any other legal document that contains your name and proof that you are who you really say you are. Examples of supplementary documents include your bank documents, utility cards, etc.

3. During the process, you may also be prompted to present a picture of yourself. This additional photo must be different from whatever profile picture you provide. However, you must look the same.

4. The process of verification of your details by Airbnb could range from a period of two to twenty-four hours. So, it is advised that you get this done as soon as possible.

That way, you can easily make an instant booking when need be.

You can be sure that the details you present won’t be available for viewing by the hosts or any other party. The only details that will be revealed to hosts are these;

1. The first name that appears on your Identification card.

2. Whether or not you are above twenty-five years of age.

3. Whether or not you have been verified by Airbnb (Verification is made possible by the presentation of a means of identification.)

4. Your profile picture

5. Your profile name (This name is usually different from your actual name.)

You also have to be careful of the kind of house you choose to spend the night in. Ensure that the room or building is secure. Check the reviews if there were any complaints as regards the locks or gates.

You also want to ensure that the neighborhood is safe. You should also checkout the profile of the host as meticulously as you can. If there’s something that does not add up, check out for another host.

If you want to get the room or building the same day you make the booking, you also have to work with the Instant Booking feature. The tag is available in the filter search.

That way, you can know the ones that you can easily pay for and move into.

However, if you are certain you’d be spending a night somewhere and would need a room or building, do your search earlier on. It will help you ascertain your safety and security.



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