Can You Get Scabies from Cats?

can you get scabies from cats

Can you get scabies from cats?

No, you cannot get scabies from cats. Scabies are caused by the action of microscopic insects called mites. These insects live as parasites on the human body. So, you can only get scabies when you come in contact with a person that is affected with scabies and not from cats.

How does a person contract scabies?

Such contact could be via any of these;

$ex between adults

$ex is an activity that could allow for a prolonged contact between the skins of two people. If one of them has scabies, the mites get transferred to the other person. That is why they’d notice the symptoms around their pen!s, n!pples, waist, hips, or shoulder blade.

Contraction of scabies through $ex has been known to be the commonest. As a result, scabies is mostly referred to as a $exually transmitted disease. This is not true though. The major cause of the contraction is the prolonged contact between the persons involved.

Contact with materials used by the affected individual

Especially in situations where the affected individual does not live alone, there can be an easy contraction of the disease. The reason for that is because the mites on the body of the affected individual could at one point or the other fall against materials that come in contact with his or her skin.

Some of these materials include clothes, towels, bed coverings, etc. Once the unaffected individual uses any of these materials, the mites come in contact with his or her skin and begin to burrow deep down.


In a situation where too many people exist or live in a certain space, there could be an easy spread of the mites from one person to the other. The reason for this is because no one can easily stay out of the personal circle of the other person. Such incidence leads to the easy spread of mites due to prolonged contact. It is advisable that people stay off crowded areas like public markets.

Myths about scabies

All of the factors above can encourage the spread of mites. However, there are some myths about the contraction of the disease that must be corrected. They include the following;

  • Scabies can be gotten from animals

No animal bears mites on its body. Mites stay only on the human skin. The only ectoparasites you may find on your cat or dog’s body are ticks and fleas. This means you can’t get scabies from cats.

  • Scabies can be gotten via handshakes:

In the above section, one thing that was emphasized is the fact that mites can only be spread via prolonged contact with the affected person. Handshakes or hugs are not forms of prolonged contact. So, they most likely would not get your scabies.

Scabies signs and symptoms

Scabies is a disease that is very streamlined to species. So, you cannot contract it until you come in contact with an affected individual. Some of the symptoms that can make an individual know certainly that he or she has scabies include;

This starts after the mite lays eggs deep in the skin. It occurs as a result of an immune response of the affected person. It is mostly felt at night.

These bumps could be blisters or boils. They occur as secondary infections. When you scratch your skin too much, it cracks and allows for other infections.

  • Burrow lines

After a while, you’d begin to note some irregular lines that show the activity of the mites.

How to prevent risk of infection from cats

Below are some procedures that can prevent you from the risk of infections from your cat;

  • Ensure that your cat doesn’t bite or scratch its paws across your skin.

Most of these cats carry around microorganisms that may pose a lot of danger when they get past the human skin. Scratches and bites allow the microbes to have easy entry into the blood. Asides these scratches, contact of the microbes with the mucous membranes in the eyes, mouth, or nose could cause an infection or disease in humans.

Fever and flu are examples of illnesses that microbes on the bodies of cats can cause. Another microbe that is borne particularly in the saliva of cats is the rabies virus. When a cat scratches its tongue with its paws, there’d be a transfer of microbes to its saliva. That way, when your cat bites you, the microbe in the saliva moves right past your skin.

Such microbe could cause issues that affect the liver and other important organs of the body. To avoid your cats from biting you, ensure that you allow them to socialize with people. That way, they would be friendlier and wouldn’t bite at every single instance. Also, if you ever get bitten, ensure that you wash the spot with warm water. In case the spot swells afterward, make sure you see your doctor.

  • Ensure that you regularly take your cats to the veterinary doctor for checkup.
  • Ensure that you wash your hands after packing up your cat’s dung. Activities like gardening could also expose you to their dung. Pregnant women are advised to stay away from their feces.
  • Ensure that you coat the body of your cats with powders that can help with the prevention of ticks, fleas, and other parasitic insects.
  • Ensure that you spray the environment of the cat with chemicals that can help get rid of the parasitic insects.

Overall, ensure that you stay hygienic when handling your pets. That way, you would be able to avoid all forms of infection or disease contraction.



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