Can You Shower After inserting Boric Acid Suppositories?

Can you shower after inserting boric acid suppositories

Can you shower after inserting boric acid suppositories?

Yes, you can shower after inserting boric acid suppositories. Suppositories are drugs that are applied at the vagιnal or rectum opening. They are usually of a conical shape and would be enclosed by a sheath. Once they are inserted into the vagιnal opening, they dissolve completely and make their way through the surrounding blood vessels. All of this happens in few minutes. So, no, showers do not affect the drug’s effectiveness.

For easy penetration of the conical drug into the rectal or vagιnal opening, it is advised that the suppository is kept in the refrigerator for a while. The best time to use suppositories is in the night. The reason for this is because the active ingredients do not have to be washed off during the process of frequent urination in the day.

In this outline, we will specifically look at the boric acid suppository which is applied to the vagιnal opening.

Boric acid works as a great antiseptic. It is used for preventing bacterial infections in burns, cuts and other skin issues. When used in the vagιnal opening, it brings about a regulation of the pH levels of the vagιnal environment. Boric acid is also great for dealing with very stubborn vagιnal yeast infections.

Let’s look at a few more purposes that boric acid serves.

Bacterial vaginosis

In the vagιna are several kinds of bacteria. Most of them constitute the natural flora of the vagιna. However, in this condition, the seemingly good bacteria begin to become overpopulated, leading to an imbalance. The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include a strange fishy odor from the vagιna, inconsistent vagιnal discharge, etc.

Vagιnal yeast infection

This infection is one that is responsible for the serious itching that occurs in the vagιna. This infection is caused by an organism in the fungi family—candida. It occurs naturally in several parts of the body; the throat, and the vagιna. However, when it begins to grow to a point where it can fully be detected, it becomes a problem.

Boric acid suppositories can also be used for dealing with trichomoniasis, a $exually transmitted disease. Other mild conditions that the boric acid suppository is used for include a burning or itching vagιna. However, boric acid suppositories may not be acceptable at all times. Let’s consider such scenarios;

  • A pregnant woman should stay away from boric acid suppositories as it is unhealthy for the fetus.
  • Nursing mothers should also stay away from the boric acid suppository.
  • Boric acid suppositories should be avoided when the woman has wounds or openings around her vagιnal opening. It usually would end up irritating the mucus linings of the vagιna.

To work with them, follow the procedures below;

  • Wash your hands under a stream of warm water to avoid a scenario where you introduce more germs to your vagιna.
  • Carefully remove the suppository from its sheath. The suppository becomes easier to handle and insert when it has previously been stored in a refrigerator.
  • Bend your knees and then, lie back against a comfortable surface.
  • Insert the suppository into the opening with your fingers. Stop pushing it in the moment you begin to feel uncomfortable. Most of these suppositories come with tips that you can use for the insertion. Make use of those or your fingers. The angle at which you insert the suppository doesn’t really matter. You just have to ensure that you are comfortable.
  • Wash your hands when you are done.

Boric acid suppositories are quick to dissolve into their active components after insertion. To save your underwear from the discharge that could be released by the suppository, ensure that you fix liners to your underwear. Let’s also look at some more tips that would aid the effectiveness of the boric acid suppositories;

  • Even if you notice substantial improvement in the condition of your vagιna, never stop your medication halfway. Completing the dosage will help ensure that the infection never returns.
  • If the condition you are treating isn’t too serious, you can insert the suppository into your vagιnal opening about twice a day. For more serious ones, one insert per day is enough.
  • In case you have any complaint, ensure that you contact your pharmacist or physician.

Side effects of using boric acid suppositories

Even though the boric acid suppository seems perfect, there are still some down sides to its usage. However, these down sides don’t tag as something too serious. For example, you could feel a burning sensation at the tip of your vagιna. The burning sensation could be as a result of the active ingredients present in the suppositories. It could also be as a result of irritation of the vagιna due to the insert. Another issue could be redness of the vagιna.

Most times, suppositories are great for those who have at one time or the other engaged in $exual ιntercourse. For those who haven’t, it is recommended that they make use of vagιnal creams. That way, they get to prevent incidents of pain and other side effects of the boric acid suppository.



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