Can You Use Boric Acid Suppositories While on Your Period?

Can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period

Can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period?

Using boric acid suppositories while you are on your period is a no-no! For one, boric acid is highly toxic with side effects that are still unknown. You can’t be sure of what effect it could have on you as a result. Another thing to consider is the idea behind the suppositories themselves.

Suppositories are tube-shaped drugs that are inserted either through the vagιnal or rectal opening. Their firm bodies usually melt under the effect of the temperature of the inner body.

Note that not all of the melted drug works for whatever conditions you are treating. Some would still drip back out after a while.

Using this suppository while you are on your period will only increase the rate at which the drug is expelled out of the vagιnal opening.

Besides, you can’t really tell out the symptoms of vagιnal conditions while you are on your period. You barely notice all of those jelly vagιnal discharges or odors because the menstrual period is a whole lot on its own.

If you have to use any medication, you should wait until the period is over.

Is it safe to use boric acid suppositories while on period?

No, it isn’t safe to use boric acid suppositories while you are on your period. Boric acid is a toxic drug that can only be used as a suppository.

And really, there are different side effects of using boric acid suppositories. Examples of these side effects include the following;

  • Redness of the vagιnal folds
  • A slight peppery feel minutes after insertion of the suppository
  • Discomfort observed around the vagιnal area
  • Hives

Out of the side effects listed above, you’d see one—discomfort around the vagιnal area. Menstruation comes with its own discomfort.

Coupling that with the discomfort boric acid suppositories give can be very frightening to think of. Besides, your vagιna could feel a little sore while you are on your period.

Pushing up a tube through that already sore space could lead to you feeling much more irritated.

When should I use boric acid suppositories?

Boric acid suppositories are only used for the following conditions;

Bacterial Vaginosis

This condition occurs when there is an introduction of bad bacterial species into the normal flora of the vagιna. The normal flora is made of harmless bacterial strains like lactobacilli.

These good bacteria help with the maintenance of the vagιna. But then, when bad bacterial strains like gardnerella and bacteroides are introduced into the flora, the activities of the good bacteria are stopped.

As a result symptoms like strong fishy odor, colored vagιnal discharges, etc. begin to show up.

The colors of vagιnal discharge seen in females with this condition include white and grey. In more severe conditions, the discharge could have a yellow outlook.

Another symptom that a female has this condition is pain while urinating. Bacterial Vaginosis isn’t transmitted $exually but can be spurred by any of these;

  • Wearing Dirty Underwear.

That’s why you should always ensure that you change your underwear as frequently as possible. You should also ensure that you choose cotton underwear.

They are breathable and lighter than underwear made out of nylon or other silky materials.

  • Wiping from the Rectal Opening to the Vagιnal Opening.

When wiping a tissue pad, work from front to the back. That way, you don’t have to introduce bacteria from the rectal opening to the vagιnal opening.

In fact, this issue is one of the major causes of bacterial vaginosis.

  • Not Changing Your Pads and Tampons as Regularly as Possible.

Wearing pads longer than planned will lead to them becoming sites of bacteria. These bad bacteria cause bacteria vaginosis.

  • Using Public Toilets.

These toilets are also breeding sites of all kind of bacteria. Ensure that you avoid them as much as you can. Instead, pee in your private toilets.

You should also ensure that you wash the toilets at your home as often as possible.

  • Having Multiple Sleeping Partners.

$exual ιntercourse isn’t responsible for any vagιnal condition. But then, when a woman has more than one $exual partner, it could be spurred.

It is also best to abstain from $exual practices until one is married. That way, one can avoid certain issues and complications.

Lastly, you should note that boric acid suppositories aren’t the first-line treatments for bacterial vaginosis. There are other milder and safer medications that most physicians prescribe.

For example, antibacterial creams and pills could be safer bets to the eradication of vagιnal conditions.

The only time boric acid suppositories are resorted to is when the vagιnal condition continues to reoccur even after treatment with the milder options.

Yeast infections

Yeast infections occur when the fungal population of the vagιna increases beyond the acceptable level. Note that the vagιna naturally has fungi living in it.

The infections that rise as a result of this increase are regarded as candidiasis. The common symptoms associated with this infection include the discharge of a cheese-like gel from the vagιnal opening.

There’s no associated smell but then, there could be swelling and itching of the vagιnal walls, pain while urinating, pain during $exual ιntercourse, etc.

Meanwhile, you should note that yeast infections are not transmitted via $ex. They can however be spurred when a female has multiple sleeping partners.

There are several milder and safer medications asides from boric acid suppositories used for the treatment of yeast infections. They include antifungal creams and pills.

And most times, your physician would recommend those to you as first-line treatments. But then, it has been noted that boric acid suppositories work best for fungal infections.

Boric acid tampers with the life cycle of the fungi, thereby reducing it to something that is non-infectious.


The difference between this vagιnal condition and other vagιnal conditions is that it is transmitted $exually. Here, instead of bacteria or fungi, a parasite called trichomonas vaginalis is involved.

Due to the presence of the parasite, severe symptoms like green vagιnal discharges, pungent or foul smelling vagιnal discharges, pain while urinating, pain during $ex, etc. are noticed.

Most times, physicians recommend antibacterial medications for the treatment of this condition.

However, recently, it has been seen that the condition doesn’t cease even after these antibacterial drugs have been used. As a result, boric acid suppositories have been resorted to.

Lastly, if you study all the symptoms that show up on the incidence of these vagιnal conditions, you’d realize that the menstrual period masks them all.

Besides, trichomoniasis, a condition transmitted via $exual ιntercourse would barely be possible. And that is because $exual ιntercourse during the menstrual period is reduced greatly.



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