How to Preserve Aloe Vera Gel with Honey

How To Preserve Aloe Vera Gel With Honey

Days back, the Aloe Vera plant was popularly referred to as the plant of immortality. It could live, thrive and survive in places that had no water. However, you should note that Aloe Vera’s gel undergoes microbial activity when one of the faces of its leaves is cut off. The leaves also don’t stand the test … Read more

How to Keep a Succulent Alive in an Office

how to keep a succulent alive in an office

Can succulents live in office light? Succulents—not all though—can live with office light. However, there has to be a time when they are exposed to natural light, i.e., sunlight. Green plants need to trap energy from the sun so that they can make their food. So, you can either set them by one of the … Read more

Can a Bowling Ball Crack in Cold Weather?

Can a bowling ball crack in cold weather

Can a bowling ball crack in cold weather? A bowling ball can crack when subject or exposed to an extremely cold weather. Asides weather conditions, a bowling ball will also crack when the coverings that make it up begin to expand or contract under the effect of heat (or cooling). That is why it is … Read more

Why Does My Wrist Hurt After Bowling? + arm, middle & ring finger

Why does my wrist hurt after bowling? When the wrist begins to hurt after a bowling game, it is mostly because of an injury to the muscles or nerves around the carpals of the wrist. Most times, the issue starts with growing numbness around the forearm down to the hand. In such a scenario, the … Read more

Can Playing Golf Cause Chest Pain?

Can playing golf cause chest pain

Can playing golf cause chest pain? Golf is a game that involves the exertion of the muscles in the upper torso. When there’s too much exertion of these muscles, the result is a sharp chest pain. It’s a very chill game that shouldn’t naturally cause chest pain. But then, over-exertion of the chest muscles can … Read more

Can You Use Play Sand for Succulents? What kind of sand to use?

Can you use play sand for succulents

Can you use play sand for succulents? Play sand doesn’t have any texture and so, is bad for succulents. The consequence of texture in the growth of succulents will be discussed in this outline. First, succulent plants are plants that have their leaves and stems filled with fluids. The fluid comprises nutrients and water, and … Read more