Can You Shower After inserting Boric Acid Suppositories?

Can you shower after inserting boric acid suppositories

Can you shower after inserting boric acid suppositories? Yes, you can shower after inserting boric acid suppositories. Suppositories are drugs that are applied at the vag!nal or rectum opening. They are usually of a conical shape and would be enclosed by a sheath. Once they are inserted into the vag!nal opening, they dissolve completely and … Read more

Can You Get Scabies from Gardening? – Safety Precautions in Gardening

can you get scabies from gardening

Can you get scabies from gardening? No, you cannot get scabies from gardening. Here is why. Scabies is an infection that is caused by mites. Mites are eight-legged insects that have a parasitic relationship with humans. Let’s briefly discuss the parasitic activities they carry out on the skin of an individual. A pregnant mite lands … Read more

Why Does Scabies itch More at Night? + How to Stop the itching Fast

why does scabies itch more at night

Why does Scabies itch more at night? Scabies is a condition that is caused by mites. These eight-legged insects burrow into the skin and lay eggs deep into the tissues. One of the symptoms that can be seen in such individual is the occurrence of rashes or blisters that itch severely, most times, the scabies … Read more

Does Vaseline Kill Scabies? – Home Remedies To Get Rid of Scabies

Does Vaseline kill scabies

Mites are very tiny insects with legs more numerous than the regular insects. With their eight legs and microscopic body, they have the ability to dig right through the skin and cause a very terrible case of itching. And when the itching goes on for a long time, the skin’s defense layer is destroyed, and … Read more

How to Tell if Your Stretch Marks are from Losing or Gaining Weight

how to tell if stretch marks are from losing or gaining weight

Stretch marks are pale or colored streaks that appear on the skin due to an accelerated weight gain or weight loss. Some other causes include pregnancy, effects of meds, etc. These streaks are visible on areas of the body that are prone to stretching due to fat accumulation. These areas include the following; Breasts, Hips, … Read more