How Often Do Husky Puppies Pee & Poop in a Day? + How to Potty Train

how often do husky puppies pee and poop

How often do husky puppies pee? Husky puppies pee every time they eat or drink—an average of 12 times daily. They could also pee after taking part in a very lively game or activity. To avoid situations where the husky puppies pee anywhere, you have to start something called potty training. In this training, you … Read more

How long can You Leave Newborn Puppies Unattended? + When to Attend

How long can you leave newborn puppies unattended

How long can you leave newborn puppies unattended? Don’t leave newborn puppies unattended to for long. You should ensure that you check up on them hourly to be sure they are safe and well-fed. Most of the other reasons have been discussed in the below sections. To get your puppies big and healthy, frequent check-up … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cereal With Almond Milk? – is it Good or Bad for Them?

Can dogs eat cereal with almond milk

Can dogs eat cereal with almond milk? Dogs can eat cereal with almond milk, but then, you have to be very careful when choosing the kind you feed them with. Some bottles of almond milk have been sweetened with sugars, flavors and several other additives that are harmful to the health of your dog. That … Read more

Why is My Husky Shedding So Much in the Summer and Winter

why is my husky shedding so much in the summer and winter

Why is my husky shedding so much in the summer? The major factor tied to the hair loss noticed in huskies is the change in environmental temperature. During summer, the temperature rises and your dog has to adapt to the increase in temperature. For example, when the environment is really hot, you tend to wear … Read more

Can You Get Scabies from Cats? – How to Avoid infection from Cats

can you get scabies from cats

Can you get scabies from cats? No, you cannot get scabies from cats. Scabies are caused by the action of microscopic insects called mites. These insects live as parasites on the human body. So, you can only get scabies when you come in contact with a person that is affected with scabies and not from … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Baked Potatoes With Skin?

can dogs eat baked potatoes with skin

Can dogs eat baked potato skins? Potatoes are known for being versatile: they are delicious boiled, baked, roasted and fried. For many people in this modern world, the sweet potato can be a source of energy that is too caloric. This is because potatoes are a starchy vegetable, that is, a food that is a … Read more

How to Soften Dog Stool and Make Your Dog Poop Quickly

How to soften dog stool

How to soften a dog’s stool Dogs, like every other living organism pass out excreta regularly. But then, learning how to soften your dog stool can be very important in cases where the stool is hard. Hard stool could lead to the tearing of the walls of the bowel, and consequently, that could lead to … Read more

How Much Sweet Potato Can I Feed My Dog?

How much sweet potato to feed dog

What are sweet potatoes? You might have been wondering what exactly are sweet potatoes and how much sweet potato can you feed your dog. Here is where you discover! Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest vegetable plants that store their food in their roots. Those roots are the sweet potatoes, and yes, can be … Read more