Do You Have to Use the Holes in a Bowling Ball?

Do you have to use the holes in a bowling ball

Do you have to use the holes in a bowling ball?

No, you do not have to use the holes in a bowling ball. However, according to the rules that guide a professional bowling game, the holes have to be completely covered. It is either you plug in your fingers into the holes or use your palm to cover the holes. The holes in a bowling bowl are there to aid the player’s grip on the ball.

If any of the holes in the bowling ball aren’t used, a balance hole occurs, and then, the throw becomes unacceptable or without count. In some cases however, the player is allowed to disregard the thumb hole.

The condition for this is that the person’s thumb is no longer efficient for throws. The indication for this is that the player sets a mark on the ball where their palm would be set.

All of these terminologies might be strange to you if you aren’t familiar with the bowling game. The game is one that is played with either duck pins or bowling balls.

Duck pins are also thrown, but are restricted to beginners in the game. Bowling balls on the other hand are used by professional bowlers.

Asides from those two, there’s also a bowling track or lane through which the ball or pin slides through or rolls down along.

At the end of the bowling lane however are duck pins that must be rolled over by whatever it is you are throwing—bowling balls or duck pins. The more the duck pins that roll over, the more counts you get.

If the ball doesn’t roll any duck pin over and just slides to the side of the lane, no win or count is recorded. Like it was mentioned earlier, bowling can either be played casually or as a competitive game.

The more competitive it gets, the more stringent the rules become. For example, with competitive games, there are tons of rules that must be followed.

One of these rules is the one that has to do with the grip holes in the ball.

If the player has some fingers that he isn’t willing to utilize when making the throw, he or she must have the corresponding hole(s) filled with a blocking agent.

These days though, bowling balls come in different sizes and types. Some have two grip holes, while the others have as much as five grip holes.

The position and number of these holes depend on whatever the player prefers. You also need to note that each hole has a function that it plays. That is why it is recommended that you get your own bowling ball.

That way, it fits exactly with your preferences.

Should I get my own bowling ball?

Other reasons you should get your bowling ball include;

  • You Get to Make Better Throws

The more used you get with your ball, the better you get at targeting your throws and angling your hands. Asides from that, the ball fits right within the curve of your hand.

It also strikes a useful balance with your body weight. If you work with the balls at bowling halls, you most likely aren’t interested in becoming a professional at the game.

If you are, however, you should give your body the chance to get accustomed to a ball that’s just yours.

  • You Can Have Your Bowling Ball imprinted with Logos and Designs

It seems like nothing, but sometimes, seeing designs, images or tags that resonate with you, your beliefs, or something you love could help you play a lot better.

It spurs in you the determination to play better and this comes out to be very useful for professional bowlers.

Asides from creating a personal tie or link with your ball, you also have more time to make throws and practice.

If you work with the balls in bowling centers, you have to take time to test the balls and see which fits the curvature of your palm.

You may also waste too much time trying to find the ball with the perfect finger holes and grips.

  • You Get to Protect Yourself from injuries and Risk of Germs

The bowling balls in bowling centers can be picked up by anyone. You don’t know what kinds of germs are present in their hands. These germs are usually present within the finger grips and around the ball.

You just have to be very careful. Do you also know that having your fingers bend through uncomfortable angles can strain the muscles in your arm really badly?

If you are a regular bowler, under that continuous straining of the muscles can cause issues as serious as surgeries.

Another thing that you need to consider is that the finger grips in a bowling ball determine the ball’s throw range. The deeper the fingers are fixed into the holes, the more control the player has over the ball.

The thumb hole also helps the player have a very steady grip on the ball. If you aren’t going to work with this hole, you should have it blocked.

Can you use a bowling ball without holes?

Yes, it is possible to use a bowling ball without plugging your fingers into the holes. Instead, you’d fix the ball within the crest of your palm while making the throw. One condition has to be met for this kind of throw to be allowed though, and that is having your palm cover all the grip holes within the ball. This kind of bowling is known as the two-handed bowling.

The reason the two-handed bowling technique doesn’t work for everyone is linked to the circumference of the ball.

When the circumference is compared to the length of the player’s hand, it may be impossible to achieve a throw. This issue is more prevalent in those with small hands.

The hands of most adults are usually less than the circumference of the bowling ball.

Why should you consider using the holes in the bowling ball though? Check out the list below;

1. One of the rules that guide professional bowling is that all the holes are covered.

For that to be achieved, you have to either have your fingers plugged within the holes or have your palm cover all the holes completely.

The former option may not be easy to accomplish if you have small hands. So, it is recommended that you get yourself used to bowling with your fingers plugged into the holes.

2. Squeezing the grip holes just before you make a throw will go a long way in helping you have a smooth release. It also strengthens the control you have over the ball and prevents premature releases.

3. If you have to hook your ball while making a throw, you must have your fingers plugged within the grip holes. It is impossible to utilize the two-handed bowling technique for a hooked throw.

4. The holes in a bowling ball serve several purposes. Bowling balls with three holes allow the bowler have more control of the ball just before they release it.

The ones with four holes allow the finger to feel the ball’s weight less. The reason is that the ball’s weight is absorbed by the extra finger, thereby reducing discomfort within the crest of the palm.


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