Does Airbnb Charge You Right Away or After Stay?

does airbnb charge you right away

Does airbnb charge you right away?

Airbnb could charge the whole reservation fee right away or have you pay a particular fraction of the fee first. This latter form of payment is known as Payments in Installments. The rest of the fee would then be paid at a future date.

However, payment will not occur until the host confirms your booking. Also, because of issues like cancellation, airbnb wouldn’t pay the host until a day after the guest has checked in.

Airbnb is a website where property owners can connect with people who need to rent rooms or buildings for temporary purposes.

So, if you’d be traveling somewhere for a short while and wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel, Airbnb has got you covered.

Airbnb offers these rooms at prices that are lower and much more affordable than what a hotel would charge. From the above section, you’d see that you even get to pay in bits — a luxury!

Things to know before booking airbnb

Before making payments, you have to first book your accommodation. How can you get that done? Let’s see some things you should know first.

  • You must have an Airbnb account before you can make a booking. Ensure that all the details of your profile have been completed. This way, Airbnb can ascertain your identity.

Hosts also source for guests who have complete and elaborate profiles.

  • Before you conclude the booking terms with the host, ensure that you go through their rules and other conditions repeatedly.

That way, you can know if you’d need to make any more payments asides the one you make to Airbnb. Most hosts may charge extra due to some features attached to the reservation.

How to make a reservation on airbnb

Let’s see how you can book your reservation.

1. If you are working via your mobile device, you could log in to the Airbnb app or visit their website

2. You would see a search bar at the uppermost panel of the screen. There, you’d be required to type the name of the country, town, or state you want to book the reservation in.

How to make a reservation on airbnb

3. You would then see these icons—Dates and Guests. Tap any of them and then, type in whatever information you are prompted to answer.

how does airbnb reservation work

4. Save your response when you are done.

5. The next step is to run through a list of all the reservations available on Airbnb. Usually, the choices you get are streamlined to whatever response you gave in the second and third steps.

how to get more reservations on airbnb

6. Once you find a reservation that suits your needs, click it.

7. You could be directed to a screen that contains the listings for the reservation.

airbnb listing price

8. If you aren’t clear about anything, make sure to extend your questions to the host. The Contact Host icon is there for that purpose.

9. If everything about the listing is clear, tap the Reserve icon.

10. For the sake of accuracy, you’d be given the chance to review the details of the reservation again. Ensure to check again as you could find one or two things you may not be satisfied with.

11. Click the Reserve icon when you’ve finalized on your choice.

The host usually would respond within or after 24 hours. They could either accept or decline your booking. That’s why you should ensure that you book at a much earlier date—relative to the day you’d be traveling.

How to search airbnb by map

You could also check the available listings on Airbnb via maps. Follow the procedures below to get started;

  • You’d see a search bar at the upper panel of the page. That’s where you’ll type the location of wherever you’d be traveling to.
  • Type out the date you’d be arriving as well as the number of people that’d be going with you. If you’d be going alone, signify that.
  • Click the Stay icon.
  • To see the available listings (especially one that suits your preferences), ensure that you work with the filter. The filter would help you streamline the available listings.
  • The display would come in two forms. At the right side, you’d see the display of a map and at the left; you’d see the display of the available listings.
  • The ‘Search as I Move the Map’ feature must be activated if you want to go by the map. You can access the plots and areas on the map by working with the Cursor and Zoom features.

Also, above the map are small circles that bear the price tags of the available listings.

  • Clicking those circles would lead you to a mini display that bears all the details as regards that listing.
  • Request for a booking if you are satisfied with the details shown.

How does airbnb payment work for guests?

The payment feature for guests on Airbnb works via these;

  • He or she must have an account on Airbnb. The account should also be filled with all the required details.
  • The guest should have his wallet stacked with whatever credit card s(he) would be using for payments.
  • Payment can be made at once or in installments.
  • Payment can only be successful if the guest works with any of these;
  1. A credit card
  2. A debit card
  3. Paypal
  4. Google Pay
  5. Airbnb credits
  • The reservation period should never exceed a month if you want the booking approved.

Best way to pay for airbnb

The Airbnb application has a Wallet feature that affords you the grace to stack your credit cards. You’d have to choose a default credit card though.

It’s from this card that your payments would be made from. The steps below describe how you can set a credit card as your default card.

  1. Log in to the mobile app for Airbnb.
  2. Click Account Settings
  3. Click Payment Methods.
  4. You would see three small circles at the left side of the screen. Click that.
  5. Click the Set Default icon.

If you want to edit a payment route you set on Airbnb, follow the procedures below;

  • Log in to your Airbnb application.
  • Click the Trips icon
  • Click the ‘What you have booked’ icon.
  • Choose the reservation you want to work with.
  • Click Payment Details
  • Click Get Receipts and Manage Payments
  • Click Scheduled Payments
  • Click Update Payment Details
  • Make the necessary changes to your payment details. You should also choose the time you’d like to make the said payment.
  • Click Submit to get the changes saved.


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