Does Airbnb Provide Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Dryers?

Does Airbnb Provide Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Dryers?

Do airbnbs have hair dryers?

Some hosts on Airbnb could spice up their customer service games by providing and adding hair dryers, shampoo and conditioner to the list of items you have access to. But then, before we go into what hosts make available for you, let’s see what Airbnb is.

Airbnb is an online company that’s loaded with thousands of buildings around the world. You could rent these buildings during your tourism, traveling and other adventures that take you away from home.

Most times, these rental services run for short term. So, you may not be able to stay for more than twenty-eight days. It may even be less, depending on the host’s conditions.

Airbnb is not responsible for providing you houses though. They only are a website responsible for connecting you to landlords and other property owners.

What this means is that you’ll have to make personal arrangements with the hosts. You also get to know the services and features that they make available to you.

In cases where you have questions for them, you could work with the Message feature.

There are also several options that you can make as a guest. You could regulate your choices to whatever your budget looks like.

The prices usually depend on the environment the building is located as well as the other facilities that the Airbnb host offers you.

To know if your host has excellent customer service, always run through their reviews and ratings to know what other people thought of them.

Airbnb list of essentials for guests

Below is a list of the essentials all Airbnb hosts provide their guests;

  • Toilet rolls
  • Brushes
  • Toilet soaps
  • Towels
  • Bed covers
  • Pillows, etc.

Any other item provided may cost you more money and it could also be the host trying to create a better customer experience. Below are some of the extra features a host could make available;

  • A washing machine
  • Air conditioners
  • Washing detergent
  • Extra towels and sheets
  • A drying machine
  • An Iron.

If you find any of these facilities on arrival at your host’s building, never use them until you are sure the host is fine with you working with them.

Most of the facilities listed above consume electricity, and you using them could cause a spike in their electricity bills. Always ensure that you ask questions if you aren’t sure of something.

There’s a twist to the idea described in the above paragraph though. If you rent out a whole building and find any of the facilities listed above provided, you can freely use them.

After all, they wouldn’t be there if the host didn’t want you touching them. The issue above only applies to situations where you are sharing a building with the host.

Does Airbnb provide shampoo and conditioner?

Shampoo and conditioner are not one of the essential items mandated by an airbnb host to provide for his or her guests. If your host’s going to provide you with that, they’d let you know. You may also notice a slight increase in the boarding fee as compared to other houses of the same standard.

If you have questions for your host, ensure that you ask them. The Airbnb messaging feature affords you that opportunity.

However, if after lodging you find a bottle of shampoo or conditioner in a shared building, do not use it until you talk to your host.

That way, you don’t give them the impression that you are encroaching into their personal space.

Airbnb guests dos and don’ts

Here are some other things that you should never do during your stay at a host’s building;

  • Don’t sneak in another guest after you have been boarded by the host. The extra person could have them paying for more—higher water bills, electricity bills, etc.

Usually, the host would attach to their listings the maximum number of guests they can accommodate.

Always check that and be sure they are fine with the extra person that’ll be tagging along. You may have to pay more though.

  • Don’t expect services similar to what hotels offer. Airbnb is a rental offered by a private individual.

So, they may not have certain services—food delivery, laundry operations, luggage storage, etc. Always plan out these things before boarding.

You could also ask the host any question if you are confused.

  • Ensure that you follow all the rules and regulations the host puts up. Some hosts would ask that you shouldn’t bring pets into the house.

Others may cancel out parties, smoking, loud music, and other forms of disturbance. Always make sure you adhere to the instructions for a pleasant experience.

  • Ensure that you clean up any mess you make while you are on the host’s property. Like it was stated earlier, airbnb isn’t a hotel that offers cleaning services.

After peeling off the nylon wrapper from your food, ensure that you dispose it accordingly. If you also use the dishes, make sure to do the cleaning when you are done.

  • Exercise care when working with any of the appliances—Iron, Televisions, etc.—offered to you. That way, you wouldn’t have to pay extra fees for damages.

If you notice a faulty appliance on lodging, ensure that you point it out to the host as soon as possible.

Tips for first time airbnb guest

Below are some of the things you can make your stay at the host’s building exciting.

  • If you aren’t satisfied with a certain service offered by the host, make sure you voice out your complaints.
  • Ensure that you check out the ratings and reviews on your host’s airbnb page. The good thing about this website is that the host cannot delete bad reviews. So, you get to see everything everyone has said.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the location of the building. That way, you can know what to expect and what not to.
  • Always check the listing carefully to know if the host is going to charge extra fees. That can be irritating if you already have everything budgeted.

Some of the extra charges include local taxes, cleaning fees, etc. If you aren’t comfortable with them, cancel the booking.



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