Does Apple Cider Vinegar Make You Poop? – Why?

Does apple cider vinegar make you poop

Does apple cider vinegar make you poop?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) will help you poop, and this is why. It is made from apples which are fruits that contain pectin, a soluble fiber. The solubility of the fiber adds bulk to you stool and will easily help you solve issues related to constipation. However, if you are using apple cider vinegar for this purpose, you must ensure that you dilute it first before drinking. Note that apple cider vinegar is very acidic! Also, after diluting the vinegar, ensure that you do not take more than three tablespoons per day.

What happens if you drink too much apple cider vinegar?

Below are some reasons you should seriously consider taking less than three spoons of apple cider vinegar;

  • Too much apple cider vinegar spurs stomach issues. The reason for this is as a result of its acidic content.

People who have stomach ulcers or are just naturally prone to stomach pain should take little of apple cider vinegar.

You don’t want to wear out the walls of your stomach even more and cause more tears and bleeds.

  • Apple cider vinegar is good for making you poop. But when you take too much, you poop too much! This is a perfect description for diarrhea.

The pectin present in Apple Cider Vinegar works to pull water towards the bowel. And if that happens too frequently, you might end up going to the bathroom more often than you might like.

  • Too much of ACV could mess the normal functionality of your kidneys up. This point is to be held in high regard by people who already have immune-deficient kidneys.

Acidic content is no good for such kidneys.

  • No one likes bloated tummies, but when you take too much of ACV, you may end up with one. ACV works to alter the normal discharge of the contents in the belly.

So, at the end of the day, you end up feeling fuller than normal. Now, if we view this from another angle, you’d see that this effect may lead to you losing weight.

The ugly side is that you may have strong feelings of nausea and gassiness.

  • ACV is bad if you already have acid reflux issues. Acid reflux occurs when there’s too much acid in the stomach. As a result, the acid creates a burning sensation along the chest and heart region.

Taking more ACV than you should will only worsen this condition and make you utterly uncomfortable.

  • Too much ACV could weaken your immune system. ACV is made from a fermentation process and that means that it contains probiotics.

The good thing is that probiotics are great in building the immunity of any individual. However, if you take too much ACV, you end up cancelling up on the other foods that you actually need.

So, the immunity ACV offers doesn’t do too much good in the end.

Why? The weight that appears to be lost when you drink ACV is known as water weight. Water weight occurs when there’s extra water trapped within the body.

  • If you diluted ACV and drank it only, without eating any other food, you’d indeed feel full, but it would only be for a moment.

So, at the end of the day, you end up feeling very hungry because apple cider vinegar is very low in calories.

If you want to use ACV for weight loss, ensure that you combine it with other nutritious and low-calorie foods so that you don’t end up gaining more weight than you bargained for.

  • As a result of the acidity of apple cider vinegar, the enamel of your tooth may begin to corrode if you drink it too often.

And once the corrosion happens, there aren’t too many procedures that can help get it back.

  • ACV may not be compatible with some medications.

So, if you are on any medication—for diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney issues, etc.—ensure that you contact your physician to know if you can take ACV with the medication.

How to make apple cider vinegar at home

Most people would rather they made their own apple cider vinegar than buy it from stores. Below are the steps that can guide you into making your home-made apple cider vinegar.

Meanwhile, you’d need a piece of cloth, a very clean (sterilized, even) jar, a rubber band, two apples, two tablespoons of sugar, and three cups of water (filtered).

  1. Peel the apple’s skin from the core.
  1. Set the core in the glass jar and then, fill it up with the filtered water.
  1. Add in the two tablespoons of sugar and then, replace the cap on the jar. Once the jar is sealed shake it so that the sugar can properly dissolve.
  1. Remove the seal from the mouth of the jar and then, set the cloth above the surface. Once that is done, use the rubber band to secure the band to the mouth of the jar.
  1. Leave the jar in a dark area of your house for about three to four weeks. This timeframe is to allow the fermentation process to occur.

Meanwhile, you’d need to stir the solution often so that all the apples are taking part in the process.

  1. After the fermentation timeframe, separate the apples from the liquid, Use a sieve to do this.
  1. Clean the jar and then, sterilize it again for the next stage of fermentation.
  1. Pour the liquid that you obtained from the 6th step into the jar again and then, seal it up using the procedure described in the fourth step. Once that is done, leave the jar in a dark area again.
  1. The second timeframe for fermentation should be for another three weeks.
  1. Your Apple Cider Vinegar is ready for use!

Benefits of taking apple cider vinegar

Asides pooping, there are other good things that apple cider vinegar can do for you.

  • It can help you to improve the health of your heart as well as cater to high blood pressure. The way it solves these is via its ability to reduce the level of cholesterol in the body.
  • It helps to reduce the sugar present in your blood. So, ACV can be a good bet for diabetic patients. However, you have to be sure it won’t interfere or form interactions with your medications.
  • ACV has been noted to get rid of cramps in the legs. All you need to do is dissolve the vinegar solution in water. It dissolves the acidic crystals present in the blood.

It also provides important minerals like potassium and calcium that help to get rid of the cramps.

How can I add apple cider vinegar to my diet?

Lastly, how can you utilize Apple Cider Vinegar in your foods?

    • You could introduce it into your smoothies
    • ACV is good for salad dressing. It makes the veggies look really bright and colorful.
    • ACV is also good for making homemade pickles, for example, pickled green beans. This process of pickling is to get rid of the bacteria that make food go bad.


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