Does Bleach Kill Carpet Beetles? – How to Use it the Right Way

does bleach kill carpet beetles

Does bleach kill carpet beetles?

Bleach helps to kill carpet beetles. However, in order to protect the surfaces of your furniture and other affected areas, you have to make sure you dilute the bleaching solution with water. Bleach is mostly used for getting rid of beetles tucked within cracks and crevices in the walls.

In order to prevent scenarios where the surfaces of your floors and furniture get bleached, you could also eradicate carpet beetles by following the measures listed out below;

How to eradicate carpet beetles

  1. Start by identifying the origin of the infestation

Once you can know this, start cleaning from there. Usually, carpet beetles stem from woolly, silky, or furry materials. So, ensure that you keep your focus on such materials first.

You could also try searching for other materials that are surrounded by the eggs and molted skins of the carpet beetles.

Those things signify the presence of the carpet beetles. Other signs that carpet beetles leave include the following;

  • Faecal droppings
  • Actual carpet beetles in dark corners
  • Carpet beetle larvae with hairy bodies (some of the beetles may not have hair on their bodies.)
  1. Vacuum your house regularly

Vacuum pumps are very effective in getting rid of the tiniest specks of dust in your house. It also helps to get rid of fallen hair, and other things that carpet beetles can feed on.

The more you vacuum, the more you reduce the population of the carpet beetles. The vacuum pump can get rid of the carpet beetles too. All you need to do is ensure that you properly dispose the bag after cleaning.

The frequency of your vacuuming should increase with the magnitude of infestation. So, you might need to vacuum for about two or three times a day if the carpet beetles have heavily infested your house.

Asides surfaces and floors, you could also vacuum the crevices of your furniture.

  1. Dispose infested clothing

When a cloth is made of fur, silk or any other material that is prone to a carpet beetle attack, there’s usually a high probability of it being heavily infested.

In such cases, laundering may not do the job of eradicating the beetles. What you should do is dispose the clothing safely.

  1. Do your laundry often

For clothes that aren’t too infested with carpet beetles and their eggs, you could spin them in your washing machine. The secret here however lies in the drying of the clothes.

It must occur at very high temperatures as the carpet beetles cannot withstand high temperatures. It kills them. Do this for all of your infested clothing—towels, bed covers, etc.

You also shouldn’t pile up your dirty clothes for too long. Doing that would only aggravate the infestation.

  1. Spray the infected areas with insecticides

Carpet beetles are insects and can be eradicated with the use of insecticides. However, you must ensure that you make use of it carefully, so that it doesn’t cause danger to your health.

Below are some instructions you should follow;

  • Only apply the insecticide in the infested area
  • Ensure that you read the manufacturer’s instructions before spraying the insecticide.
  • Avoid spraying your clothing with the insecticide, as it is a mix of several chemicals that could irritate your skin and cause more damage than you could imagine.
  • Before handling an insecticide, make sure your hands are properly gloved. After handling it, you must wash your hand too.
  1. Use bleach for crevices that you cannot work your fingers through

An example of a suitable bleaching agent is boric acid. However, it is recommended that you dilute it in the following ratio—1 tablespoon of boric acid: 2 cups of hot water.

Use a wooden rod to stir the two together until you cannot see the powder again. Pour the mix into a bottle with a nozzle head, and then, spray it into the distant crevices.

Never use bleach to kill carpet beetles on any material with a bold colour. That will help you preserve its colour.

  1. Spray some vinegar across the infested areas

Vinegar—white and apple cider vinegar—helps in the quick and effective eradication of carpet beetles. All you need to do is pour in the vinegar into a bottle.

Fix a spray head to it and then, press the nozzle to apply the vinegar across the infested areas.

You could also soak in your infested clothes in a mixture of vinegar and water in order to get rid of the eggs and the larvae of carpet beetles.

How to stop carpet beetles from coming back to your house

After dealing with this infestation, you’d need to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. To carry through with this, you could work with any of the tips listed below;

  • Get rid of any material around your house that could be a potential housing for carpet beetles. In a case where you have had to deal with carpet beetles too frequently, you might want to spray the exterior of your house with insecticides.
  • Bear in mind the areas that are often infested by carpet beetles. Those areas should be your sites of focus while vacuuming.

Food stains, hair strands, sweat smears, and other thing that attracts carpet beetles should be gotten rid of quickly too.

  • If you wouldn’t be wearing a particular garment for a while, ensure that you have it sealed and stored away. The protective covering would prevent carpet beetles from having access to them.
  • Carpet beetles are usually attracted to organic materials. If you have those in your house, make sure to replace them with man-made ones—nylon, polyester, etc.



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