Does Salt Kill Carpet Beetles?

Does salt kill carpet beetles

Does salt kill carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are quite easy to eradicate as long as you are willing to follow all the rules. Salt, however, does not kill or work for the eradication of carpet beetles. In this outline, we’ll see all procedures that can guide you into killing every carpet beetle in your home. First, how can you know these beetles are there?

How to know if you have a carpet beetle infestation

  • Damage to everything fibrous in your home

Carpet beetles feed on materials like wool, fur, felt, silk, feather, leather, etc. You could also find them within the mass of materials obtained from natural sources—carpets and rugs.

Note that while living within these materials, they also feed on them. That means that from time to time, you’d begin to notice holes within the materials.

Holes usually are the results of prolonged activity of carpet beetles. So, if the infestation is recent, you’d notice a thinning of the fibrous material or slight grazes across its surface.

These grazes come off as frayed edges on the material.

  • Damage to your clothes

Carpet beetles love to live in hiding. What this means is that if you have clothes stacked up in a place—your closet perhaps—for a long time, the pile could be a perfect hiding spot for carpet beetles.

What you should do is study the materials very closely for holes, poop droppings, etc.

If you find very irregular holes along the length of your fabric, you should immediately be on the lookout for carpet beetles.

  • Molted skins

One thing you should note is that carpet beetles are only destructive when they are in the larva stage. The larvae stage is the stage that precedes the egg stage.

And the reason this is so is because the adult beetles feed on plant pollen and other materials that are mostly found outside a building. They are not in any means destructive.

The destructive larvae on the other hand grow to form these adult carpet beetles. As they grow, they shed off their skin to accommodate or take on a larger size.

So, their shed off skins can be another sign that you have carpet beetles in your home.

The molted skins are usually flaky and long, and can be found wherever the beetles live—the seams of furniture, under rugs, etc.

  • Fecal pellets

These pellets are the droppings of the carpet beetles. They look like tiny granules and can either take on a black or brown color.

The color of their droppings is usually determined by the kind of food they feed on. You’d find these fecal pellets wherever the carpet beetles live.

  • Body reaction

Yes, people are allergic to carpet beetles! Just as carpet beetles molt their outermost skins, the hairs projecting out of their bodies also fall off at some time.

When these people come in contact with the hairs from carpet beetles, they suddenly develop rashes on their skins. And that could be a pretty intense issue.

This condition is commonly referred to as carpet beetle dermatitis. So, if you see yourself having this condition, check around your house for any of the signs listed above.

How to get rid of carpet beetles in my house

What do you do if you find carpet beetles in your home? How could you possibly eradicate them? Take a look at the points stated below;

  1. Insecticides

These are chemicals specially designed to kill every living thing in the insect. These chemicals comprise of powerful constituents like deltamethrin, bifenthrin, etc.

However, you have to be careful while using these insecticides so that the material to which you apply it doesn’t fade or get discolored. Always spray an inconspicuous part of your material first.

If you do not notice any changes, you can then spray the rest of the mat. You should also ensure that you follow the instruction left by the manufacturer.

  1. Boric acid

This chemical is great for getting rid of carpet beetles but then, you have to ensure that you work with it in small quantities.

The reason for this is that it can have a poisonous effect on your body if you inhale it for too long. You also shouldn’t ingest boric acid.

That’s why you must ensure that you wash your hand immediately after handling it.

Sprinkle the boric acid lightly on the surface of the material that’s infested with the carpet beetles. Next, use a brush or to broom to spread the boric acid powder across the material.

This technique is great if the infested material is a carpet. Once you are done spreading the powder, you can then work with your vacuum cleaner to get rid of both the powder and the dead larvae.

Another way you can work with boric acid is to dissolve the powder in hot water. Pour the mixture into a bottle with a nozzle head.

You can then spray any surface or material that is infested with the carpet beetles. After spraying, you might want to wipe off the boric acid solution from surfaces that aren’t absorbent.

  1. Diatomaceous Earth

This powder works in dehydrating carpet beetles, i.e., it dries them out. Note that there are different grades of this powder. Some of them are of food-grade while the others aren’t.

The former is what you should go for as it is safe for humans and pets. You don’t have to be worried about breathing in any toxic powder or vapor.

Diatomaceous Earth can be applied to infested surfaces the same way Boric acid powder is applied.

However, if you want to go with the dissolve in hot water and spray method, ensure that you keep your nostrils protected.

You also should ensure that you spray in the direction of the breeze so that the wind doesn’t transfer the spray droplets to your face.

  1. Vinegar:

The two types of vinegar—white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both good for the eradication of carpet beetles from infested materials and sites.

All you need to do to get started is dissolve the vinegar in water and then, spray it on the infested material.

If you find the signs or traces of the carpet beetles on your clothes, you could also use vinegar in washing them. Simply add the solution to your washing machine and then, spin.

  1. Vacuuming and Laundry

These procedures, if done regularly can help you in getting rid of carpet beetles from your home. When you clean the areas the beetles converge in frequently, you get to reduce their number.

The same goes for laundry. Wash the clothes with your regular detergent. You could also add vinegar to the washing solution if you wish. Then, dry the clothes at a high heat setting.

These techniques work in reducing the occurrence of the carpet beetles.

How to keep carpet beetles out of your house

One more thing you should note is that the larvae of carpet beetles naturally shouldn’t be in your home. However, the moment adult carpet beetle finds its way in and lays its eggs; the infestation happens.

Below are some control measures you can take;

  • Ensure that you keep your windows and doors closed all the time. You could also set traps for the flying adult beetles by these openings.
  • Ensure that you do not have materials that can harbor the carpet beetles around your home. Some of the materials include dead and decaying matter, animal feed, etc.
  • Swap materials made from natural matter with synthetic matter if you have a case of repeated infestation.


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