Does the Dryer Kill Carpet Beetles? + Can it kill the eggs & larvae?

Does the dryer kill carpet beetles

Does the dryer kill carpet beetles?

Yes, dryer can kill carpet beetles. The reason for this is that carpet beetles cannot withstand high temperatures. They’d eventually wither and die. This makes dryers very effective in killing carpet beetles.

In this section, we will study everything you need to know about carpet beetles and why you should eradicate them quickly.

Carpet beetles are insects that feed on fur, cotton, and other wooly materials. As they feed on them, they create holes within the materials, thereby ruining their outlook.

They can destroy clothes, carpets, rugs, scarves and many other valuable materials if they are not quickly eradicated. They are also difficult to eradicate when there’s the incidence of an infestation.

Carpet beetles can be found anywhere. They do not only exist in homes, but in other places where you can find food.

Asides from fur and wool, they also feed on food crumbs, animal feathers, hair, silk, spices, animal foods, books, etc. The young carpet beetles look like worms; small and wrinkly.

They are mostly found in places that are dark and undisturbed—beneath carpets, in attics, furniture, etc.

If you are a lover of organic or natural products, you are more likely to suffer a carpet beetle infestation if you do not exercise caution immediately. They are hardly ever found in synthetic products and materials.

Another thing you should note is that these carpet beetles usually find their way into homes and other buildings from outside. The adult carpet beetles live outside. They feed mostly on the pollen of flowers.

The moment one enters through the windows or the opening in the door, it seeks for a place to lay its eggs.

Once these eggs are hatched, they develop into the destructive larvae that feeds on fur and other receptive surfaces.

Let’s see some ways by which you can control the appearance of carpet beetles in your homes;

  • Ensure that you do your laundry as often as possible. In a situation where you have clothes made with fur, wool, or silk, you have to ensure that you do not leave it lying on the ground for too long.

Pick it up and lay it into the laundry basket. Then, toss it into your washing machine as soon as possible.

  • If you wouldn’t be wearing a particular garment for a long while, ensure that you keep it sealed in a bag or any other covering that would prevent it from being infested by carpet beetles.
  • Do your cleaning and vacuuming as often as possible. Extend your cleaning to your carpets. Try to lift the edges consequently for cleaning too.

Clean your furniture, pantry, shelves, and other sites you know carpet beetles may breed in. If there’s any area or spot that is most likely to be filled with food crumbs, ensure that it is swept regularly.

  • Before you bring in any flower bouquet (especially the natural ones) or furniture, ensure that you check them for eggs that might have been laid by the adult carpet beetles.

That way, you can be sure you aren’t exposing your home to an infestation.

  • If you have materials that cannot be washed infested with these carpet beetles, it is recommended that you set them under the sun.

The heat always causes the young beetles to find some other cool shady place to hide. A dryer that blasts air at hot temperature can also kill and be effective in getting rid of the carpet beetles.

  • If you keep on having consequent infestations even after you have done all of the things listed above, look around your surroundings for medium that harbor the adult beetles themselves.

Debris, animal nests, animal feed, animal carcasses, etc. are breeding sites for them.

  • Before you spray any insecticide within your home, ensure that you read the labels and instructions. That way, you won’t end up endangering yourself in the process of eradicating the carpet beetles.

Avoid spraying these chemicals on bed sheets and other materials that your skin would come in contact with. You should also keep your hands gloved while spraying the insecticides.

  • Do not hesitate to discard any material that is heavily infested with carpet beetles. They usually contain several eggs that can create a serious case of beetle infestation.

The thing about these beetles is that the eggs hatch very quickly, and they are most destructive at the larvae stage.

How can you get rid of carpet beetles?

1. The best thing to do when you get tired of carpet beetle infestation is to identify the site or medium that is breeding them.

The faster you can find these primary sources, the quicker you can eradicate the carpet beetles. The moment you find any of the adult beetles within your home, ensure that you immediately get rid of it.

That way, you prevent them from laying eggs all over the crooks and crevices of the home.

2. Also, if you’d be vacuuming, ensure that you do it regularly. The more the infestation, the more the vacuuming rounds you should make in a day.

3. If you have corners that cannot be vacuumed, work with boric acid. A boric acid spray is created by mixing 4.2g of boric acid with two cups of hot water.

The high temperature of the water facilitates the solubility of the boric acid in the water. After mixing, you can then spray the infested surfaces.

However, note that boric acid can cause the bleaching or discoloration of surfaces on which it is applied to.

4. Another technique is the use of glue traps. These traps work best when you have stubborn infestations.

These traps are usually set by the window sills, doors, and other crevices that the beetles have the highest population. The traps can also be used to prevent the entry of adult carpet beetles through the windows.

5. Neem oil also kills the larvae of carpet beetles by tampering with their hormones. Once that is done, they feed less and eventually die. All you need for this technique is an ounce of Neem oil and one gallon of water.

Meanwhile, Neem oil may not be a good choice if you have pets or kids a home. That way, they don’t lick and swallow the mixture.

Another ingredient that works just like neem is cedar wood. You also should be careful as it can be toxic when ingested.


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