Does Vaseline Keep Flies Off Dogs? + Vaseline on Dogs Ears for Flies

does vaseline keep flies off dogs

Does Vaseline keep flies off dogs?

Vaseline has been noted to help keep flies off dogs. However, there’s a slight restriction to this rule, and we will be discussing all about it in this outline. If your dog’s body is being infested by flies, you may need to pay serious attention to it. Most times, it could mean the dog’s beginning to fall prey to some serious illness.

Dogs aren’t natural breeding sites for flies. The only reason you would see flies on a dog’s body is because it has a dirty body. When a dog hasn’t been cleaned for days, there’s a possibility it could have food particles and other substances that attract flies on its body.

In some other cases, a dog suffering from a condition such as diarrhea or some other skin issue could have its body flooded by flies.

What to use to keep flies away from dogs

Here, we will consider how flies can be kept off the body of your dog.

Bath your dog regularly

This process is known as dog grooming. You should ensure that you comb through their fur regularly to get rid of dirt, food particles and other things that could have settled within the mass.

The moment you notice flies around your dog, the first thing you should do is get it groomed. Most times, this swarming occurs mostly in hot weather conditions.

Grooming your dog doesn’t just cover for you combing regularly through its fur. There are several soaps that are very great for use on a dog’s skin. Some other people may prefer to work with shampoos.

Trimming the fur around your dog’s anal opening is also very important. That way, germs do not have to accumulate at such regions. The hair there is also very prone to being matted easily.

Ensure that you have your dog potty-trained

Potty-training is one of the most vital lessons to take your dog through. Here, they do not have to pass out their feces in the places they sleep. The training works to instruct them on the particular sites they are to use for the purpose of passing out feces.

Get rid of bad odors with Baking Soda

Baking soda can be great for getting rid of bad odors from the bedding of your dogs. Flies are mostly attracted to areas with bad smells. That is why it is recommended that you dissolve baking soda in water and then, use it to scrub across the beddings. For serious cases, you could soak in the beddings for about 15 minutes.

Ward off flies with Vaseline

Vaseline can be useful in warding off flies when they breed at a certain location. The commonest areas of application for Vaseline are the ears of your dogs. Spread the jelly across your palms and then, rub it in the infested area. This technique is also great when your dog has a certain wound on its body.

Make fly-repellants

A mixture of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) and other substances like lemon juice, etc can be great in repelling flies. The activity of these fly-repellants improves much more when oils from pungent smelling plants like lemon grass, eucalyptus, etc. are added to the mix.

Ensure that you clean your yard as often as possible

This way, you end up getting rid of materials that can harbor flies. Examples include dead and decaying matter, food trash bin, animal droppings, etc. Also, dogs are very used to leaving bones and other bits of their food around. Ensure that you always get rid of them to prevent flies. Vacuum cleaning would also work well in the eradication of the materials that the flies breed upon.

Work with insecticides

Spray the body of your dog with insecticides that wouldn’t pose danger to the health of your dog. Pyrethrum is a safe ingredient that can be used on your dogs for the eradication of flies. Either way, it is very important for you to contact your vet doctor before proceeding to use any insecticide on the body of your dog.

Introduce insect-eating plants

Introduce insect-eating plants around the areas that your dogs stay. These plants feed on flying insects like flies. An example of such plant is the Venus flytrap. Once the fly comes in contact with the sensitive leaves of the plants, they are instantly trapped. However, you would have to watch over the plant so that it grows healthily.

Introduce pungent smelling plants

Introduce plants like basil, cinnamon, mint, etc. That release pungent smells into the atmosphere. These smells keep the flies away. Citronella candles are also great for repelling flies. All you need to do is light their wicks and then, allow the wax to burn out. As the wax burns out, the pungent smell is released. However, you have to exercise a lot of caution while using these candles. You don’t want to be caught in a situation where the dog topples over.

Vaseline on dogs ears for flies

Vaseline can be very effective in getting rid of flies from the ears of your dogs. Most times, the one site where you’d find several injuries on the body of a dog is its ear. The ears are rigged with several blood vessels which stay right below the outer skin surface. As a result, the ears are usually very warm. This warmth is what the flies enjoy.

To save your dog of irritation and other issues, set the Vaseline between your palms and then, rub them against each other. After that, rub your greased palms against the ears of your dogs. Flies cannot stand greasy surfaces and that keeps them away for the length of time that the Vaseline remains.


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