Flies Swarming Outside My House – Why? + How to get rid of flies outside

flies swarming outside my house

Flies swarming outside my house

Flies are very disturbing insects that make an annoying buzz when they move about. So, it’s never nice when they occur in swarms. Here, we will study the possible reasons responsible for the flies swarming outside your house.

Why is there a swarm of flies outside my house?

  • Flies are attracted to matter that has some degree of warmth

The reason for this is because of the need for survival in flies. For the purpose of survival, they lay eggs often. These eggs have to be set in warm places in order for hatching to occur.

Examples of sites that exude warmth required for the hatching process include animal feces, rotting bodies of animals and other organic matter, trash bins, compost piles, etc.

So, if you have any of the materials listed above outside your house, there’s a high tendency to have flies swarming around—especially the adult flies. The rate at which the adult flies lay their eggs increases at summer.

  • Flies are attracted to farms

One peculiar thing about farms is that they contain many forms of matter that can harbor flies. First, the dung that the poultry birds and other animals excrete is usually very warm. That warmth is great for the hatching of the flies’ eggs.

Compost piles used to fertilize planting soils are also breeding sites for flies. They contain several materials that are being decomposed by heat. So, if you have something like this close by, it could be responsible for the presence of the flies. The best thing to do is compost within sealed containers like drums and barrels.

  • Other reasons could be because some animal died close to your house or you have some food waste around that you haven’t thrown into the trash bin.

Either way, ensure that you are on the lookout for decomposing and dead matter. The flies may just be one or two at first. But then, the longer the breeding site stays, the more they get—because of how frequently they lay their eggs. Female flies can lay up to nine hundred eggs at once.

How to get rid of a swarm of flies outside

In as much as flies do not by themselves cause any disease, everyone always wants to have them gone. Why? They can be very irritating to look at, especially when they are in their numbers.

The other fundamental reason these flies need to be eradicated is because they brood and live in sites with decomposing matter.

These sites bear a lot of microorganisms that can be very dangerous to the human health. Once these flies come in contact with these sites, they become carriers of those microorganisms.

Now, if you imagine a scenario where this same fly touches your food, one would realize that one is prone to several diseases as a result.

That’s why in this article, we will look at all the tips and techniques that you can use in getting rid of a swarm of flies outside.

Find the breeding site of the flies and then, get rid of it

This is the first and most essential way of getting rid of flies. If you manage to get rid of the ones swarming around your house without clearing their breeding site, you’d continually battle with their presence.

In the section above, the different sites you can look out for were mentioned—compost piles, rotting animals, trash bins, animal droppings, etc.

The reason why this point is very important is because these breeding sites encourage the adult flies to lay their eggs. These eggs turn into maggots which later develop into the adult flies.

If the breeding site is a heap of trash, call a trash clearing company to get rid of it. If it’s a compost pile, ensure that it’s properly covered to prevent flies from being attracted to it. Animals waste should also be gotten rid of quickly—very important for people that have pets.

In a situation where you have a farm or some other site where flies may not be easy to eradicate, you have to ensure that the building is situated far from residential areas. However, with the right sanitation practices, you should still be able to regulate the presence of flies.

Clean the breeding sites with pine sol

One of the agents that keep flies away is pine sol. Flies detest its smell. Pine sol comes out to be very efficient when you are dealing with a swarm issue.

All you need to do is spray the solution unto the porches or other sites that breed the flies. For maximum effectiveness, the solution should be warmed.

However, before you spray surfaces of your home with pine sol, ensure that you try it out on a small portion first. If you do not notice any reaction such as bleaching or any other form of discoloration, you can proceed to spray it on the other parts of the house.

Some surfaces—only few of them are not receptive to pine sol solutions.

Set fly traps around the swarming sites

One of the best ways by which you can solve the issue of an outdoor infestation is the use of fly traps. Fly traps are made out of materials that have a smell so pungent and irritating that humans can almost not stand it.

Flies, however find such pungent and irritating sites best for breeding. Some of the materials used for these fly traps include rotten egg solutions etc.

Other materials that can be used as fly traps include a mix of sugary syrups and cornmeal. The mix can be placed in containers outside the house.

Make use of lightings that trap flies

There are several kinds of light systems that work to trap flies. Simply hang the lights in areas where the light rays can be caught by the flies.

An example of a light trap that works for this purpose is the UV light trap. Because of the compound eyes that flies have, they love UV light.

UV light traps have an outer surface that’s laden with a slight adhesive coating. So, when the flies move towards the rays, they get fixed to the adhesive coating.

Harbor plants and animals that can trap the mosquitoes

The classes of plants that can trap mosquitoes are carnivorous plants. These plants have highly sensitive surfaces that instantly trap any insect that comes in contact with them.

Simply get a vase where the carnivorous plant grows and then, place it in the corner where the swarming occurs.

Spiders are also great for eradicating mosquitoes. They spin webs that the flies can get caught in. Other animals include birds, frogs, etc. that feed on flies.

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