How Do Carpet Beetles Get in the House?

how do carpet beetles get in the house

How do carpet beetles get in the house?

Carpet beetles are very destructive insects that must be gotten rid of the moment they are noticed, the extent to which they damage coverings, wool, leather, fur, silk, etc., has made people wonder how they get into the house.

When you visit someone whose house is infested by carpet beetles, you stand a chance of spreading the infestation to your house. Here’s why.

Carpet beetles are tiny insects that can easily latch on to your clothes when you sit in areas they have infested. You may not even realize you have them on your clothes!

Other times, the carpet beetles can get in when you carry in a piece of furniture or any other material that is already infested into your house.

In the rarest occasions, carpet beetles could get into your home via tiny passages in the window.

Where to find carpet beetles in the house

Carpet beetles can destroy materials as terribly as termites destroy wood. They are mostly found in any of the materials listed below;

  • Carpet
  • Bedding
  • Plant vases
  • Curtains
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Pasta (dried)

Signs of carpet beetle infestation

Let’s also look at signs that help you know where the carpet beetles are;

  • You’d begin to notice tiny circles and holes within your clothes, rugs and other materials. These holes are proof that carpet beetles have begun to feed on them.
  • Presence of the skin of the larvae about the house is another proof.
  • Carpet beetles feed on fur, and so, you may find them on the bodies of your pets. Once you begin to notice hairless areas on their bodies, you can suspect a carpet beetle infestation.
  • The presence of brown or black droppings around your wardrobe, clothes or floor coverings should make you suspect the presence of carpet beetles.

There are also different kind of carpet beetles. They differ in their body features. For example, the color of their shells vary from red, black, brown, to yellow.

Some have scaly bodies and the others have small tufts of hair extending out of their small bodies. So, when checking out for carpet beetles, you shouldn’t have a specific image in your head. They come in different species.

How to get rid of carpet beetles in the house

There are several ways by which you can get rid of carpet beetles in your house, and here, we’ll study a number of them.

Work with a vacuum cleaner when cleaning

Vacuum cleaner is great for eradicating carpet beetles because it helps get rid of the tiniest speck of dirt. Carpet beetles mostly feed on debris lodged within floor coverings—food particles, strands of hair, insects, etc.

So, getting rid of those food sources will not allow for the survival of the insects. The insects could even get caught by the vacuum cleaner as you work.

One tip you need to employ here is regular vacuuming. The more you vacuum, the more the chances of eradicating the beetles.

Apply heat to rigid surfaces

Applying heat to a surface will help in getting rid of the eggs of the carpet beetles. Examples of these surfaces include wooden floors.

Steam pumps are great for this purpose. It’d be great to use the steam pump after vacuuming the floor.

Spray the house with functional insecticides

Insecticides become functional for the eradication of carpet beetles when they contain active ingredients like deltamethrin. However, it is crucial to understand the kind of insecticides you are working with.

Some could be of a concentration that causes hazard to people and pets and may require dilution. Some other insecticides could even cause bleaching or damage to the sites of application.

Always ensure you read the instructions for use before working with the insecticides.

Work with boric acid

Boric acid is one compound that hinders the normal metabolism that occurs in insects. One more thing you need to take note of is how it can be dangerous to humans when it’s in concentrated form or if used incorrectly.

Boric acid comes in form of a powder, and you can spread it directly on the infested areas. However, you’d have to vacuum the floors after a while.

Another way you can work with boric acid is by dissolving the powder in hot water.

Two tablespoons of boric acid is enough when you want to make a solution. Shake the mix and then, spray it around the infested areas.

Work with vinegar solutions

There are different types of vinegar—white and apple cider vinegar. Both work effectively in the eradication of carpet beetles.

Simply pour in the vinegar into a bottle and then, spray the content around the infested areas. If your clothes are infested by these beetles too, you can soak them in a solution of vinegar.

Wrapping Up

All of the methods listed above can effectively get rid of carpet beetles.

However, to prevent consequent infestation of your home, ensure that you properly scrutinize any piece of material—furniture, rugs, etc., that you bring into your home.

Asides from that, carpet beetles could also find their way into your home by passing through the windows. That’s why you should line them with flypaper strips.

These strips come with sticky surfaces that trap the carpet beetles.

Cleaning your home and laundering your clothes regularly will also help in preventing a carpet beetle infestation. The idea behind is that they do not find anything to feed on and later end up dying.



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