How Long After Using Boric Acid Can You Have Oral?

How long after boric acid can you have oral

How long after boric acid can you have oral?

Boric acid is a poisonous chemical compound and should never be ingested via the oral route. That’s why the only drug form it exists as is a suppository. Suppositories are cylindrical drugs that are to be inserted through the vagιnal or rectal opening. Boric acid suppositories on the other hand can only be inserted through the vagιnal opening.

After insertion, a portion of the drug would still drip out of the opening. That’s why it is recommended that any female on this medication stays away from $exual activities until the entire dose is over.

For example, most of the vagιnal conditions, even though are not $exually transmitted can be spurred in females that have multiple sleeping partners.

Asides from that, most of the side effects of boric acid suppositories are still unknown. That’s why most physicians hardly prescribe the drug as first in line medication.

Does boric acid have any side effects?

No one knows the effect it could have on the male genιtal organ if $exual ιntercourse occurs. The ones that have been recorded so far are all linked to females and they include these;

  • Redness of the vagιnal folds—the labia and labrum.
  • Swelling around the vagιnal opening.
  • A peppery feeling around the exposed sores in the vagιnal area.
  • A slight burning feeling after insertion of the capsule.
  • Hives
  • A slight feeling of discomfort in the vagιna

As a result of these side effects and the other unknown ones, most physicians would rather the affected females use milder antibiotics or antifungal creams.

When to use boric acid suppositories

There are even some prebiotics that are great for eradicating these issues.

It is only when the condition continues to show up even after treatment with milder medications that boric acid suppositories are resorted to.

Let’s see some of these vagιnal conditions.

Bacterial Vaginosis

This is a condition that occurs as a result of an introduction of bad bacterial specie into the normal flora. The normal flora consists of good bacteria that are important for the maintenance and heath of the vagιna.

An example is lactobacillus. Examples of bad bacteria that can mess up the state of the vagιna include bacteroides and fusobacterium.

Signs that confirm this condition include the following

  • Pain during $ex
  • Pain while urinating
  • White or gray vagιnal discharge
  • A fishy smell from the vagιna
Yeast infections

These infections are collectively known as candidiasis. They signify an increase in the fungal population of the vagιna.

The tell-tale signs of this infection include a chalky or cheesy discharge from the vagιna, pain during $ex, pain while urinating, etc. Note that the discharge released after a yeast infection doesn’t have any smell.


This infection is caused by the presence of a parasite called trichomonas vaginalis in the vagιna. It is transmitted $exually, most times, when the woman has multiple sleeping partners.

The symptoms observed on the occurrence of this condition include the following;

  • Green or yellow discharge from the vagιna
  • A foul discharge from the vagιna
  • Pain during $exual ιntercourse
  • Pain while urinating

If you aren’t fine with the number of restrictions set by boric acid suppositories, you could ask your physician to recommend milder medications for you.

Examples include miconazole and terconazole (short-term antifungal medications), antibacterial creams and pills, etc. Most of these milder conditions will easily get rid of the condition of first trial.

Check the highlighted points below in order to prevent a reoccurrence of the conditions. Note that reoccurrence means you have to switch over to using boric acid suppositories.

  1. Avoid using public toilets.

Most times, these toilets are not usually cleaned thoroughly and could be sites where bad bacteria breed. Another thing you should note is that private toilets can also cause infections if not properly cleaned.

The kinds of infections that occur from the use of dirty toilets are mostly bacterial infections—bacterial vaginosis.

  1. Stick with cotton and free panties.

It’s good for your underwear to be firm. But then, it shouldn’t be so tight and up close that it doesn’t allow your vagιna breathing space. You also should avoid wearing damp or moist underwear.

  1. Clean up the right way after using the toilet.

When cleaning up after using the toilet, wipe the toilet paper from your vagιnal opening to the rectal opening and not otherwise.

The rectal opening is a well of most of the bad bacteria species that cause bacterial vaginosis.

  1. Avoid having multiple partners.

Ensure that you do not have more than one sleeping partner. Multiple partners lead to the incidence of conditions like trichomonas. It could also spur bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections.

  1. Do not use antibiotics too often or at the slightest infection.

The reason is because using them too much will make them inefficient in clearing of bacterial infections.

In such cases, your physician would be forced to recommend boric acid suppositories even for the mildest vagιnal condition.

  1. Change your sanitary pad often.

Ensure that you change your sanitary pad as often as possible—three times a day at least. That way, bacteria doesn’t build up within it and then, gain entrance into your vagιna.

By doing this, you don’t have to deal with bacterial infections like bacterial vaginosis. Another point you should take note of here is to never forget tampons after you have inserted them.

They are most times responsible for the foul smell that comes from the vagιna.

There are some other conditions that totally negate the use of boric acid suppositories as medications for vagιnal infections. Check the list below;

  • Pregnant women should never use boric acid suppositories. It could be very toxic to the developing fetus and thereby cause complications.

So, if you are $exually active, ensure that you have your physician confirm that you aren’t pregnant first.

  • Boric acid suppositories should never be used by females that have open sores around their vagιnal opening. The reason is that it increases the burning sensation around the sore.
  • It should also not be used by women undergoing their period. Using it in such condition would only increase the degree of irritation experienced by the woman.

It could also worsen the soreness of the vagιna.



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