How Much Sweet Potato Can I Feed My Dog?

How much sweet potato to feed dog

What are sweet potatoes?

You might have been wondering what exactly are sweet potatoes and how much sweet potato can you feed your dog. Here is where you discover! Sweet potatoes are one of the healthiest vegetable plants that store their food in their roots. Those roots are the sweet potatoes, and yes, can be eaten. They have a high content of starch, and sugar, which attests to its name—sweet. You would find sweet potatoes in several colors and sizes like orange, white, and even purple!

Now, what exactly are sweet potatoes rich in? There’s fiber, minerals, and some very essential antioxidants. These things help protect your body system from molecules that could cause havoc to you in forms of cancer and heart diseases. Sweet potatoes can be fried, boiled, roasted, steamed, or baked, all depending on your choice of preference!

How much sweet potato can dogs eat?

Being known as omnivores animals, you might wonder how much sweet potatoes that dogs can eat. Even though they could be wonderful treats for your dog, you must not feed them with a lot as it could cause an increase in the possibility of your dog getting cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy is a disease that wrecks the muscles of the heart, and this can potentially lead to the death of your dog!

However, the little you feed your dogs with could serve very many and great functions since they are rich in antioxidants like beta-carotene. Beta-carotene creates a pathway for Vitamin A, and that can help your dog fight issues it has with vision. This particular feature will be really good as dogs would be able to see even better at night time. Antioxidants could also go a long way to get rid of cancerous tissues in your dog’s body.

To be on the safe side though, you can start by feeding your dog with one ounce of sweet potato per serving. To make it easy for your dog to swallow the mash, you could have it boiled, baked, or mashed. If you are going to opt for feeding your dog with the raw potatoes, ensure you have them sliced into thin and small chewable sizes. Do away with seasonings like salt, or butter.

You could mix the potatoes into your dog’s first serving, or have it baked into treats. However, at the onset, you have to ensure that you watch your dog for signs like diarrhea or vomiting. As those can show that its body is intolerant to sweet potatoes. However, if your dog doesn’t show any of those signs, still take care to ensure that sweet potatoes is not more than a ten percent ratio of its diet.

How much sweet potato can I feed my dog?

The factor that dictates how much sweet potato you can feed your dog with, is its tolerance to it. When your dog reacts negatively to it at first serving, ensure that you either reduce it to a minimal level or stop totally.

For instance, the normal percentage of sweet potatoes that should be found in your dog’s diet should be ten percent. Any rate higher than that will definitely cause a problem, as sweet potatoes have high fiber content. Once you notice ill reactions, slash the percentage to about two percent, or better still, to be on a safer side, stop totally.

How much sweet potato you feed your dog also is dependent on the nutritional needs of your dog. Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamins A, B6, C, Potassium, and Iron. So, in case your dog lacks any of those essential supplements, you could introduce sweet potatoes into their diet to complement things. The good side is that the dog ends up with better vision, muscles, functional nerves, and healthy skin.

However, if your dog has health issues like obesity, diabetes, or issues related to it being overweight, you should ensure that you only feed it with little of the sweet potatoes to avoid raising its body sugar.

How to make sweet potato dog treats in microwave

Here, we will discuss how you can make sweet potato dog treats in the microwave! Making these treats yourself will help ward off a lot of dangers as you would be sure of the ingredients you use! And, indeed, your treats would be a lot fresher than the ones you would get at the store. The ingredients you would need to make sweet potato dog treats in the microwave include the following;

  • Sweet Potatoes.
  • Oil spray.

To make your sweet potato dog treats in the microwave, you could just follow the steps below;

Sweet potato for dogs recipe

1. Scrub the surface of the potatoes to get rid of dirt and other unwanted particles.

2. Now, scrape off the peel to expose the sweet potato itself. You could decide not to peel the potatoes, if you want!

3. Cut the potato mass into smaller sizes. Something in the line of 1/7 inches should be just right.

4. Get your microwave plate ready. Ensure that the plate or whatever container you use is one that can be used in the microwave!

5. Use the oil spray all over the microwave plate.

6. Lay the chopped potatoes all over the plate, while ensuring that they aren’t lying on top of each other. You could place the thick slices at the edges of the plate, and the thinner ones at the center.

7. The power of your microwave should be considered next. For an oven with a power of about 500W, you might want to have the potatoes in the microwave for about six minutes. After then, you could flip them and then, wait for another six minutes.

8. Flip the potatoes again and wait for about three minutes. You should keep on flipping the potatoes until they become crunchy and crispy.

You are done! That’s how to cook sweet potato for dogs. On following the above tips on how to make sweet potato dog treats, you could end up having much more than you actually need. To save the treats for your dog, you could just store them in some container that is tightly sealed to keep air away.

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