How to earn 6 figures in 6 months on airbnb without owning properties

How to earn 6 figures in 6 months on Airbnb without owning properties

Can you make money on airbnb without owning property?

Yes, you can make money on airbnb without owning property! If you have ever heard of agents, you’d understand the no-property scheme trending on the airbnb business. This is how these agents work—they link up house owners to those who want to buy or rent houses while charging certain fees at the same time. This is exactly the kind of business that you can do on airbnb without owning a single property—the passive income business! and here you’re going to see how to earn 6 figures in 6 months on Airbnb without owning properties

The only difference between the business that house agents do and the ones that airbnb agents do is this—they buy and then, sell.

Agents would stand in as the landlord to whoever is buying the house, collect the rent or whatever fee, deduct their charges and then, pay the landlord.

As an airbnb business man or woman, you buy the house from the owner and then, sell to another person at a much higher price.

Looking at this business from another angle, you would discover that you don’t have to buy a building to make money. You could rent it out from the owner and then, rent it out again to other people.

The only deal here is that the rental service offered to you must be of long term. The owner of the building must also agree to your plans.

After acquiring any property you want, all your further operations would be carried out on the airbnb website. The website is one that only allows for legal transactions.

So, before you can proceed with business, you’d be required to sign several documents with a qualified lawyer present.

This website is pretty much as competitive as any other money-making website. But then, there are tons of things you can do to stand out from the rest.

These things describe you owning your market! The more you can work with these tools, the more profit you’d be able to make.

Below are some of these tools;

  • After purchasing or renting a building from the owner, you have to be ready to furnish it to a modern and stylish taste.

What this means is that you should have a starting capital that covers the furnishing, redevelopment, restyling, and management of the building.

  • You have to ensure that you satisfy your clients! The better the reviews you get, the hotter sales become for you. Through this, you can get to rank as one of the top-selling merchants on the websites.
  • Always ensure that you give your clients timely responses. What this means is that you should be constantly active on your site.

There are several other tools that you can readily employ, and as you read further, you’d come to know of them.

How to start airbnb without owning property

The section above has pretty much covered all that you need to know about starting an airbnb business without owning property. The issue of you having a huge starting capital was raised.

You were also acquainted with the fact that you could either buy or rent buildings from land owners. In this section however, we will discuss some specific tips on how to start airbnb without owning property.

Start by researching the market

The kinds of people that have businesses on the airbnb sites are more like estate agents. You have to be able to know what geographical area people are willing to live in.

You want to discover the areas that are close to tourist sites and other attractive sceneries. Graphing out all of these details will help you have a rough idea of the amount of money you’d be making at the end of the day.

Acquaint yourself with the laws and regulations guiding each city

Several cities have laws that go against the rental of buildings on short term plans. You could also have other plans that contradict the law of whatever geographical location you choose.

Ensure that your plans can be accepted by the government of the city or town.

Estimate the amount of money you’d be incurring into the business

For example, you need to consider the fees you’d incur in the furnishing, insuring, and the purchase of permits and other compulsory licenses.

All of these things would surely affect the general price that you fix to the buildings at the end of the day.

Running this business requires you to be up-and-doing

You have to know how to manage buildings and your mortgage business. That’s why it is important for you to ensure that you have the right systems in place for your business.

Asides renting buildings, you could also choose to help house owners in the management of their properties.

This field is also quite competitive, but then, acquiring a formal education in estate management would help you stand out of the several others seeking for this job.

Your roles as manager include the following;

  • Ensuring that you pump in enough money into the business by marketing the business. You want to ensure that people are taking interest in your buildings.
  • Making sure that you stay in touch with your clients as much as possible, keeping them updated about changes and the different choices available.
  • Ensuring that you conduct regular inspections of the properties owned by your business.

How to earn 6 figures in 6 months on Airbnb without owning properties

Nothing can be as exciting as earning big! This is possible on the Airbnb website. All you have to do is understand how things work!

On how to earn 6 figures in 6 months on Airbnb without owning properties, check out any of these;

Start consultation services on the Airbnb website

This job hits big when you already have loads of experience selling on the website. Acting as a consultant is more like you advertising for the guys in the major business.

You talk to those who want to buy houses and then, convince them as to why they should make deals with a certain mortgage company on Airbnb.

Averagely, an Airbnb consultant makes about ninety thousand dollars ($90,000) per annum in the United States.

Rent out buildings on the Airbnb website

If you can employ most of the tips listed out in this article, you may end up making up to three times more of what you incurred in the business.

Assist other mortgage business owners to market their business

With the knowledge and experience, you can make as much as sixty thousand dollars a year ($60,000).

All of these and more are ways by which you can scratch out a lot of funds on Airbnb.


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