Does vinegar keep flies away? – How to get rid of flies outside with vinegar

How to get rid of flies outside with vinegar

Does vinegar keep flies away?

Yes, vinegar keeps flies away. Flies are very disturbing insects that carry several microbes as a result of the long hours they spend in dead and decomposing matter. If these same flies touch a person’s food, the person becomes susceptible to certain diseases. So, here, we will study how to get rid of flies outside with vinegar. We would also consider some other means by which you can get rid of the flies.


Vinegar becomes even more effective for the eradication of flies when it is used in conjunction with other fly-repelling substances.

Regardless of the kind of vinegar you use—white vinegar or apple cider vinegar—you can still get rid of the flies. Let’s see how you can get the maximum use of vinegar below;

  • Pour whatever kind of vinegar you want to work with into a glass jar
  • Add any liquid soap of your choice and then, shake the glass jar slightly. Stop when the mix begins to froth.
  • Set a thin layer of a cling material to the surface of the glass jar.
  • Use any tool with a pointed mouth to pierce the surface of the cling material.
  • Set the glass jar in regions populated by the flies.


Sugar is one substance that attracts flies. However, in this outline, we will see how we can use what the flies like to get them trapped. Follow the procedures below to get started;

  • Get a glass jar ready.
  • Molasses are more of sugary fluids. Pour in any sugary fluid into the glass jar.
  • Set a cone above the jar.
  • The flies get attracted to the sugary fluid and then, find their way in.
  • However, as a result of the narrow tip of the cone, they may not be able to find their way back out.

What smell do flies hate outside?

You can also keep flies away by introducing certain scents into the air. Flies cannot stand the sharp smell of the following substances;

  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon grass, etc.

How to get rid of flies outside with vinegar

Getting rid of the flies outside your house requires you being more strategic. First, it is important to note where the flies are coming from, i.e., their breeding site.

Once that is tackled, you can settle for whatever method you can use to get rid of the flies. Let’s see the several breeding sites for flies that exist outside your home.

  • Farms

This is one of the major breeding sites for flies. The reason for this is because farms produce a lot of waste materials that provide enough warmth for the flies to have their eggs hatched. The more the eggs laid, the more the flies that would be present.

Examples of the materials in farms that allow for the breeding of flies  include animal droppings or dung, compost piles, refuse, etc.

To prevent flies, you have to ensure that the compost piles and refuse obtained from your home are properly sealed. That way, the flies wouldn’t be able to lay eggs and then, increase in number.

Also, when animals or birds die in farms, the owners should not just dump their dead bodies carelessly. The reason for this is because such dead and decaying matter is a sweet breeding spot for flies. They lay their eggs within the body, and those eggs turn into the larvae of hundreds of flies.

  • Refuse bins

Decaying food matter is one site where flies love to be. The reason for that is because the matter exudes warmth that encourages hatching of the flies’ eggs.

If you notice this to be the reason there are flies outside your home, ensure that you instantly get rid of the trash.

Let’s see how you can get rid of the flies outside with vinegar. Follow the steps below to get started;

  • There are different types of vinegar—white vinegar, etc—and each of them functions effectively for the eradication of flies. Start by pouring in the vinegar into a bottle.
  • Add these substances to the bottle—washing soap, water, baking soda, etc.—to get the vinegar working at the maximum level.

After going through with the steps listed above, you can then proceed to set the jar in any suitable corridor outside. The corridor should be sites where the flies are mostly gathered.

Also, if you choose to work with apple cider vinegar, ensure that you put it in a jar that has a vacuum seal. An example of such jar is the Mason jar.

Asides vinegar, there are several other techniques you can employ to get rid of the flies outside;

  • Try introducing certain fly-repelling plants around your house. For example, plants like the Venus flytrap are carnivores that feed on flying insects. Once the fly touches any of their sensitive leaves, they close up and then, trap the insect within their insides.

Other plants that can help in repelling flies include the following; Mint leaves, Basil, Marigold, Lavender.

  • Flies are also usually attracted to places with foul smell. You can also introduce plants that can help with the purification of the outside air.
  • Ensure that you clean your trash bins with chemicals that can get rid of the eggs and larvae of flies.
  • Camphor and citronella work well in the eradication of the flies in an area.
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