How to Get Rid of Furniture Carpet Beetles in Your Couch

How to get rid of furniture carpet beetles

Can carpet beetles live in couches?

Only the furniture carpet beetle lives in couches. The other beetles live around carpets, silky (woolly or furry) materials. The reason these beetles are attracted to these materials is because of the keratin they contain. Keratin is a complex protein that is obtained from animals. The larvae of carpet beetles can conveniently feed on it. So here, you’re going to see how you can get rid of these furniture carpet beetles.

Another factor that really encourages carpet beetles to feed on furniture coverings is when they are stained with sweat, food crumbs, oils, and other things they can feed on.

The carpet beetles appear in units at first before coming in large numbers. It is in that large number that they take on a very destructive nature.

What do carpet beetles look like?

Have you ever wondered what these carpet beetles look like? Here are some facts about them;

  • They are oval-shaped and with pretty round bodies.
  • Their outer covering can either occur as black, yellow, orange, brown, or a mixture of all the colours.
  • Adult carpet beetles ordinarily have no business inside your home. The reason for that is because they mostly feed on the pollen of flowers.

However, the moment they fly in, they lay their eggs. These eggs hatch into the larvae of carpet beetles. It is this larva that feeds on fur and other materials.

  • Female carpet beetles can lay as many as hundred eggs on silky or furry materials. Once the eggs hatch into larva and then, adult carpet beetles, it becomes a full blown infestation.

How to get rid of furniture carpet beetles

Furniture carpet beetles may not be disturbing until they are in their masses. They damage materials so badly that they bore holes through them.

And really, once holes are within our clothes, carpets and other fabric pieces, the next thing you want to do is dispose them.

In order to get rid of this issue, let’s see tips on how you can get rid of furniture carpet beetles.

1. Furniture carpet beetles might not always be lodged within furniture. They could hide within crevices and cracks in the walls, as well as in other dark areas.

One way you can ward them off is to block these crevices with concrete or other sealants.

2. Vacuum cleaning is one of the best ways to eradicate the carpet beetles lodged within chairs and other furniture.

Ensure that the mouth of the pump’s hose is directed towards the crevices and other ends that you think the carpet beetles could be occupying.

3. Most times, carpet beetles find their way into your house through the windows and doors. Ensure that you use a broom or vacuum pump to clean the entrance regularly.

That way, you can easily get rid of any carpet beetle trying to find its way in.

4, You could also station insecticide trays and other carpet beetle repellent substances at the entrance and around your house.

That way, you get to prevent the unnecessary build-up of carpet beetles in your environment. And really, if they aren’t in the environment, they can’t get into your house.

5. Ensure that you regularly do your laundry. Carpet beetles are also attracted to clothes that are laden with the smell of human sweat.

Also, in a case where there are carpet beetle eggs on the clothes, you can easily get rid of them and prevent an increase in their population.

6. If you won’t be wearing a particular cloth for a long while, ensure that you keep it covered within a nylon bag. That way, the beetles won’t have access to it.

7. Naphthalene and other volatile products that get rid of carpet beetles can be employed for the eradication of the carpet beetles.

However, whoever handles them must do so with much care. The reason is because the vapour these products release can be very dangerous to an individual’s health.

8. If you have clothing made of fur, you have to exercise more caution. Fur is one of the materials that carpet beetles feed on. Cold vaults can help protect your furry clothing from carpet beetles.

9. If the carpet beetle infestation is really intense, you must fish out every infested item. The item could be that one clothing you haven’t picked up in years or some old rug you kept in the basement of your house.

When checking through furniture, ensure that you check within the crevices, across the seams, and other difficult angles.

10. The moment you find any item that has been heavily infested by carpet beetles, ensure that you immediately discard it.

If the infestation isn’t too severe, an ordinary laundering process would get rid of the eggs and larvae. However, the clothes would need to be dried at high heat.

11. In case the heavily infested material cannot be washed, it is recommended that you seal them within plastic sheaths and then, have them placed within freezers.

The temperature of the freezer should be as low as zero degrees. You also should leave the items in the freezer for as long as a week.

After freezing, get rid of the sheath only after the ice has melted off the sheath.



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