How to Get Urine Smell Out of Clothes Without Washing the Cloth

How to get urine smell out of clothes without washing

How to get urine smell out of clothes without washing

The smell of urine can be nauseating and almost choking if it isn’t gotten rid of immediately. The eradication of the smell of urine is possible on the addition of certain enzyme-based cleaning agents, but then, most times—especially when there are deep urine stains—there could be the need for mechanical scrubbing or washing of the stained clothes.

Washing the clothes help to give the fabric a fresher outlook. If you also work with fragrant oils, you can get the cloth to become fragrant. Let’s see how you can get the smell of urine out of your clothes.

Washing and drying however are steps that you cannot skip. Urine contains uric acid, a component that is responsible for the urine stains. To get that out, you have to do some scrubbing!

But then, if you can get your hands on urine stain and odor eliminators, you can get to cancel the washing process. They are already prepared solutions, and a pinch of them does the magic.

Otherwise, follow the steps below;

Hydrogen peroxide

This cleaning agent is mostly used alongside other cleaning agents—mostly baking soda. That technique makes it easy to get rid of old urine stains. You need about 10ml of hydrogen peroxide for this process.

Pour that into a tall plastic bottle. Add three tablespoons of baking soda as well as one spoon of washing liquid. Afterwards, mix the three together and then, proceed to work with the mixture.

You should however note that hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent. So, before you proceed to smear it across the surface of the stain, ensure that you test it on the insides of the cloth.

If you notice any discoloration, immediately discontinue with the use of the mixture. If there’s no discoloration, immerse the cloth fully in the washing mix. Leave it to soak in for about sixty minutes.

Soaking allows the washing mix to disintegrate the stains present.

After soaking, wash the stained fabric in your washing machine. You can add the rest of the washing mix to the machine. If you do not have a washing machine, use a scrub brush to work the mixture into the cloth.

Scrub until the stain is completely out of sight. You can also add fragrant oils to the washing solution to make your clothes smell nicely.


Vinegar also works great for the elimination of old urine stains from fabric. However, because of the pungent smell that vinegar leaves behind, most people choose to go for other cleaning agents.

There’s something you can do to cancel that though. Immersing the fabric in baking soda will go a long way in getting the vinegar smell neutralized.

You could also choose to add fragrant oils like citrus oil to your washing solution. That technique helps to cover up the pungent odor of vinegar.

Start by pouring a cup of vinegar into a bucket. Dilute the vinegar with a liter of water. After that, immerse the fabric into the mixture. Leave it immersed for about an hour.

You could also choose to do this over the night, to allow for a complete disintegration of the stain. After the soaking period, wring the water out of the fabric.

Immerse the cloth in a mixture of baking soda. This will help with the neutralization of the vinegar odor. A soaking period of about ten minutes is good for this step.

Afterwards, set the cloth into your washing machine. You can use your regular detergent for this process. Add some baking soda if you wish. After washing, air-dry the cloth.


This washing agent is so good in that it does not tamper with the color of your fabric. It is also good in eliminating old urine stains since it works almost like enzyme-based detergents.

To work with borax though, you need to have some other washing aids on ground. They include salt, vinegar and water. When mixing, work with a quarter cup measurement for each one.

You should get a paste-like mixture at the end.

Immerse a damp towel into the jelly mixture and then, dab it across the stained area. Leave the cleaning mixture on the surface for about thirty minutes.

This way, the constituent behind the stain can be broken down. After the disintegration of the stain, set the clothes within your washing machine.

If you can still note some dots of stain, you can add vinegar to the washing mixture. After washing, rinse and air-dry.

Tips to employ when getting rid urine smell out of clothes

You might also want to employ the following tips when getting rid of the smell of urine from your clothes.

  • Never start your cleaning with hot water. What hot water does is to fixate the stains deeper into the fabric, consequently making it harder to clean.

Cold water or water at room temperature is the best choice when it comes to eradicating urine stains.

  • Ensure that you get rid of urine stains as quickly as possible. The longer the urine stays on the cloth, the tougher the stain becomes.
  • Getting enzyme based detergents for your laundry will work better when it comes to the eradication of tough stains and smells left by urine.

These kinds of detergents are different from the regular detergents that you use for laundry.

  • Never wash clothes with urine alongside other clothes. That way, you don’t get the other clothes smelling like urine.
  • After washing clothes stained with urine in your washing machine, ensure that you clean the machine deeply.
  • Always air-dry the clothes after washing. The exposure to sunlight and outdoor breeze will help to eradicate lingering smells and stains.

How to get urine smell out of clothes that have already been washed

If after washing your clothes, you may still perceive the smell of urine, here are some things you can do;

1. Immerse the cloth into a solution of enzyme-based detergent. This kind of detergent is specified to break down stubborn stains. It also helps to get rid of strong pungent odors from fabric.

2. You could also add any of these fragrant oils to your washing liquid; lavender oil, lemongrass oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, etc.

Most of these oils, especially lemon oil work have antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Repeat any of the procedures listed above.

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