How to Make a Bra Strap Bracelet without a Hook

How to make a bra strap bracelet without a hook

One of the design hacks trending in today’s world is the bra strap bracelet. If you are familiar with sites like TikTok and Instagram, you probably have an idea of how the bra strap bracelet looks—a small band with a central buckle. In this outline, we will be looking at the tips on how to make a bra strap bracelet without a hook.

Supplies needed

  • An old bra strap (You can work with any color.)
  • A measuring tape
  • Glue
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread (You can get other colors aside black if you want to go for ornate designs)
  • Buttons
  • Beads
  • Fish strings
  • A pair of scissors (or a blade).

How to make a bra strap bracelet without a hook

1. Females are more inclined to making this bracelet and the reason is that you need the strap of an old bra to get started. It’s also necessary that the bra is the kind that has detachable straps.

You can know if it does by checking the junction between the strap and the chest wrap. An ‘S-like’ hook validates this detachability.

2. Unhook the clasp from both ends and then, lay out the full length on a flat workable surface. You would see a buckle along the length that is used to adjust the length of bra straps.

Females will be more familiar with this buckle.

3. Grab a pair of scissors and then, cut the strap above the buckle.

4. Run the end opposite the side that you cut through along the adjacent end of the buckle.

5. Pull the end of the strap completely through—until it is firmly hooked in place within the buckle.

6. If you do not have a buckle to loop the end of the strap through, you could also work with your sewing kit.

However, you’d have to measure the size of your wrist and then, use your result to determine the diameter of the band that you’d leave for allowance.

After marking out that point, make neat and firm stitches through the band.

7. Asides from sewing, you could also use glue to keep the two ends fastened.

The bra strap bracelet started out as a simple fad, but then, is now being used as charm bracelets, wrist ornaments, etc.

You could even choose to ornate the bracelet by sewing designs across the surface with colorful thread strings, attaching beads and buttons to the straps, etc.

Let’s see how you can create an ornate heart-shape along the band of the bracelet.

1. Use a pen or marker to create the outline of the heart. Ensure that the heart-shape is centralized. You can also draw any shape you want. The outline is just to guide you as you sew in the thread strings.

2. If the bra strap is black, you can work with thread strings like blue, white, or red for the heart design. String whatever color of thread you choose through the needle and sew around the outline of the heart.

3. When you are done sewing across the outer edges, move the tip of your needle towards the inner whorls and then, continue sewing.

4. Knot the end of the thread when you are done.

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