How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting on Your Clothes & Luggage

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Getting on Your Clothes and Luggage

Bed bugs are tiny insects that crawl and feed on blood. No, they do not contain microbes that can cause bacteria. But then, their bites can be so annoying that you’d be pushed to totally get rid of them. So here, you’re going to see tips you can employ to prevent bed bugs from getting on your clothes and how to get rid of them.

How do bed bugs get on your clothes?

Bed bugs would only get on your clothes when you go to places that are infested by them. It could also happen when you use materials that have already been infested by bed bugs.

For example, let’s consider a scenario where you bought a piece of furniture that has previously been used by someone else. Such furniture should be checked out for bed bugs because those insects are so small that they can hide perfectly. One of their favorite hiding spots are mattresses. That is why you must ensure that your mattress is always sealed up.

Also, when traveling, you might have to sleep in different places. One or two of these places could be infested with bed bugs, unknown to you. That is why you must ensure that the insects have not hooked on to either your travel bags or clothes.

There are some major signs that can help you to know if bed bugs are in a certain place. They include the following;

  • Red stains on your bed covers. Bed bugs feed on blood, so, when they get squashed by heavy materials, they leave tiny blood stains. Ensure that you check out your bed sheets and pillow covers for such marks.
  • Feces of bed bugs which appear as tiny dark spots on bed coverings and other materials.
  • Eggs or cracked egg shells of bed bugs.
  • A peculiar damp smell around your clothes.
  • Bed bug bites all over your body. These bites appear as red dots across your skin.

Asides from this, you can also check out cracks in the walls, bed frames, bedsprings, sofas, and other piece of furniture for bedbugs.

How to tell if bed bugs are in your clothes

Bed bugs usually would crawl to places they can feed on blood. So, if you find them on your clothes, it means you must have sat in a place that they have infested. You may not realize at first. But then, the moment you begin to see some marks on your clothes, you can tell that bedbugs are on them.

For tips on how to tell if bed bugs are in your clothes, check for the following;

  • Small red dots on the clothes. These dots are obvious when the material has a white color.
  • A damp odor coming from your clothes. Bed bugs release some excretions and those things are responsible for the peculiar smell that hits your nostrils.

If you also notice that you are being bitten by bed bugs at night, it means they have infested your home. They don’t show up in the day as they are most active at night. During that time that they do not show up, they hide themselves within cracks in the walls and in the midst of clothes.

How to prevent bed bugs from getting on your clothes

Finding bed bugs on your clothes can be both annoying and frightening. For tips on how to prevent bed bugs from getting on your clothes, check this;

1. Wash all your clothes and dry them extensively. This process should be done as regularly as possible. It is also advised that a washing machine should be used for the washing and drying process.

2. Ensure that you store your clothes in containers that bed bugs would most likely be unable to penetrate. For examples, containers made out of nylon or plastic sheaths would be best.

3. Anytime you travel or sleep in some place that isn’t your home, ensure that you check out for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs wouldn’t miss the chance of hooking themselves to your apparels.

4. Ensure that you spray the infested area with bed bug repellants or some other insecticide. That way, you can prevent them from crawling back to your clothes when they need to hide.

Does washing clothes kill bed bugs?

Washing your clothes will not kill bed bugs. It is one of the things you need to do to get rid of them, but then, what really kills them is heat. Ensure that you dry your clothes intensely in a washing machine after washing them. You might need to do this continuously for a while to totally get rid of the bed bugs.

Before you store them back in your wardrobes however, ensure that you have every crevice sprayed and dusted. A vacuum pump can also be effective in helping you get rid of the bed bugs.

How to get rid of bed bugs in clothes and luggage

Controlling the population of bed bugs can get pretty hard when they latch on to clothes and luggage. The reason for this is their ability to reproduce very quickly. Most times, they jump onto your clothes and luggage when you go to places that are infested with bed bugs.

For tips on how to get rid of bed bugs in clothes and luggage, try out any of the following;

1. The one thing that kills bed bugs is heat. All you need to do is immerse your clothes in hot water and then, dry them at the highest temperature possible. If your luggage cannot be washed, simply place it within a dryer for a period as long as an hour.

2. Ensure that you get rid of bed bugs from your mattress and any other areas that bed bugs might have infested. That way, they don’t have to crawl back to your clothes and luggage when they want to go into hiding.

3. If you find any crack in the wall, ensure that you close it up with mortar or plaster.  This also will prevent the bedbugs from finding their way back to your clothes and luggage after a while.

4. In case you have an extensive infestation of your mattress with bed bugs, make sure to encase it up in a plastic sheath for as long as a year. Bedbugs can live off food for a very long time, so you want to make sure the sheath doesn’t get peeled off.



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