How to See Comments on YouTube Live Stream After it’s Over

How to See Comments on YouTube Live Stream After it’s Over

Live streams are videos that run at the same time the owner of the channel makes the video. It could be a live discussion, conference, or any other meeting. With a live stream, you could also make a video into an event that runs online. In this article, You’re going to see how you can read the comments made on Youtube Live stream even after it’s over.

Before that, below are some of the other advantages of a live stream;

Benefits of youtube live streaming

  • You get to transmit information to several people simultaneously. You don’t have to worry about renting halls or paying some other conference center.

With YouTube Live, your audience can be as much as a billion or more.

  • You get to interact with your viewers in real time. The advantage of this is that you can prompt them into subscribing and engaging your channel.

You can also receive responses to your questions right when you need them.

  • You can create a wonderful video for your viewers spontaneously.

You wouldn’t have to go through the rigorous processes of fetching content ideas, crafting out the way the video should go, editing the final video, etc.

  • Your viewers can get to learn more about your character and other things about you that edits usually get rid of.

And the amazing thing is that most viewers love the unfiltered and raw parts of people’s lives. So, if you are looking to get the devotion of your fans, Live streams are the best routes.

  • You can have a conference in which the speakers aren’t in the same place. With YouTube live, geographical location is not a barrier.

Anyone can speak and instill value into your viewers.

How to see comments on YouTube live stream after it’s over

The viewers also get to make comments as the live stream goes on.

If the owner of the channel makes the streamed video available for viewing after the stream, you can also get to read through the comments left by viewers.

Follow the procedures listed below to know how you can access the comments.

  1. Type the name of the video that was live streamed. Every video on YouTube has a title that helps people find it easily. You could also use a link to find this streamed video.
  2. You would see a section tagged as Comments.
  3. Click the arrow up arrow down icon in order to view all the comments made.

However, note that the comments you may find are those that were made after the stream was concluded.

Comments made while the video was streamed live usually appear only after YouTube has processed the video content.

The processing could run for a whole day. However, after that time, you’d be able to access the comments made live.

YouTube live chat replay is not available for this video

When YouTube live chat replay is not available for a video, it could be that the owner of the channel doesn’t have the Live Chat Replay feature for his or her channel activated.

To prevent the same occurrence with future videos as a channel owner, here are some steps that can be taken;

  1. Go to the Dashboard for YouTube Live Events.
  2. Tap the Edit icon. You would see it at the upper right side of the display.
  3. Tap Customization.
  4. Tap Live Chat Replay
  5. Tap Save.

The change you made above will only kick into action for the consequent videos you stream live.

Other videos that were made before this edit wouldn’t be able to show the comments made during the live streaming.

The only comments that would appear are the ones that were made by people who viewed the video after the streaming had happened.

So, if you are particular about the live chat, always check out for the Live Chat Replay setting.

Basic features of youtube

YouTube is an application that’s strictly for videos—either pre-recorded or live streamed videos. No matter the genre of video you need, you can find it on YouTube.

There’s religious content, content on marriages, music, entertainment, movies, academic content, etc. As a viewer, YouTube offers features that help you engage the videos you watch.

There’s the like feature, the comment feature, the subscribe feature, etc. Let’s see what each of these mean.

  • The Like feature

This feature is what you click when you like the theme a video is built upon. The icon for this feature is represented as a thumbs-up feature. You’d find it just below the title of the video.

  • The Subscribe feature

This feature is what you click if you want to be a member of someone’s channel. It allows you to have direct feeds when a content creator you like posts a new video.

It can also be a way by which you can encourage your favorite content creator to make more videos.

  • The Comment feature

This feature is one that allows you to communicate with your favorite content creator on Youtube in your words. They usually are notified when you post a comment.

You can also make comments as responses to questions that the content creator asks while making the video.

  • The Share feature

This feature allows you to invite other people to a channel. It utilizes a link that affords people direct access to the content of a video.

  • The Download feature

This feature allows you to save a video for offline view. However, the video can only be watched within the jurisdiction of YouTube.

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