How to Turn Off and On YouTube Comments as a Viewer

How to Turn Off and On YouTube Comments as a Viewer

Can you turn off comments on YouTube as a viewer?

No, you cannot turn off comments on YouTube as a viewer. YouTube is an application where you can watch and post videos. The videos could be for entertainment, learning, politics, or any other facet of life. Beneath these videos are slots for comments. The comment section is one where viewers can leave their opinions as regards a certain video. The owner of the YouTube channel can also review the comments and then, make necessary responses or take notes.

The only person that can turn off comments on YouTube is the owner of a YouTube channel. What happens if you want to disable the comment feature as an owner?

First, you cannot alter the comment settings under any of these circumstances;

  • When the video is scheduled as one made for kids. If the video wasn’t initially set to that, the comments made on the video would vanish after a time frame of thirty days.

If the content of the entire channel is dedicated to kids, all of the comments made on that channel would vanish.

  • When a video is private. Private videos are videos that cannot be viewed by the entire public.

If your video is private and yet, you want to receive comments from your viewers, post the video as an unlisted one.

Any content in the unlisted genre is one that can be viewed or shared by people that have the link to your private video. Unlisted videos are usually not listed among the general videos on YouTube.

  • If your account is a supervised account. A supervised YouTube account is one that is used by young kids. The parents or guardians of these kids are the ones that manage the accounts.

This account has settings that streamline the content available to ones that are friendly for kids. The age bracket for this setting is 13 and below.

Anyone with a supervised account will also not be able to engage any of the following;

  • Comments
  • Live chats
  • Purchase of channel memberships, creator merchandise, movies, TV shows, super stickers, etc.
  • YouTube TV
  • YouTube Studio
  • YouTube Go
  • Personalized ads
  • Cast on TV
  • Incognito, etc.

How to turn off comments on your youtube channel

Follow the procedures below to turn off comments on YouTube as the owner of your channel;

1. Head over to the screen that displays all the videos on your channel—your content page.

2. Log in to YouTube Studio

3. You’d see a list of options at the left side of the screen. Tap Content.

4. Tap the thumbnail of any video whose comments you want to edit.

5. Scroll up the list and then, tap the Show More icon.

6. Make the necessary settings under the Comments and Ratings panel.

7. To save the changes you made, click Save.

If you want the changes you wish to make to affect all of the videos in your channel, follow the procedures listed out below;

1. Log in to the YouTube Studio app.

2. Tap Content. You would find the icon at the left side of the display.

3. You’d see a long list of your videos with checkboxes in front of them. Tap the boxes beside any video you want to make edits to.

4. Tap the Edit icon. This icon allows you to make changes to several features and they include the following—comments, embedding, video language, license, category, monetization, tags, visibility, title, description, ad settings, audience, automatic chapters, caption certificate, etc.

5. Ascertain the details as regards the changes you made and then, tap the Update Videos icon.

How to turn off YouTube comments as a viewer

As a viewer, you cannot turn off YouTube comments. The turn on or off feature for any video is only accessible to the owner of the video. If you do not want to check out the comments, you could just avoid the arrow down icon that brings out all the comments made under a video.

How to turn on YouTube comments as a viewer

The ability to enable or disable comments under a YouTube video is only available for the owner of the YouTube page. If you notice that the comment section is disabled, it is probably because the video is strictly for kids. It could also be as a result of the owner of the account disabling the comment feature.  So, no, there are no tips as regarding the turning off the comment feature as a viewer.

Why can’t I turn on my comments on YouTube?

The reason you probably cannot turn on the comment feature on YouTube is because it has been disabled by the owner of the channel. It could also be because of any of the reasons listed in the first section. If a channel is created for kids, the comments are automatically deactivated.

How do you view YouTube comments as a viewer?

Comments are the one way by which the viewers of a channel can communicate with the owner of the channel. The viewers express their interests, dislikes, likes as regards the channel. They could also respond to questions that the owner of the channel asked during the video.

To access all of those comments, follow the steps below;

1. Head over to the YouTube application.

2. Type out the name of the video whose comments you want to see via the search box.

P.S: You can also have direct access to a video by clicking the link to the video. You could see the link on some other social media platform.

3. Click the video when it shows up.

4. Just below the panel, you would see another panel titled as Comments. Usually, you would be able to see the first line of the first comment.

5. If you want to see all of the comments made by viewers on a certain channel, tap the icon that looks like an arrow up and arrow down icon.

6. From there, you can make your comments and give other people’s videos thumb-ups or thumb-downs.

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