If Airbnb Host Cancels Do I Get a Full Refund? – Here’s What to Do

If Airbnb host cancels do I get a full refund

If Airbnb host cancels do I get a full refund?

Yes, you will get a full refund if Airbnb host cancels your reservation. This cancellation can be a pretty serious issue for guests that have only few days or few weeks to the start of their holiday.

Imagine a scenario where a family of six makes reservation for a place two months before their holiday is to start.

And then, two weeks before they are to travel, the host calls and apologizes about not being able to continue with the deal.

Let’s also assume that the family is to spend the holiday in a location where there aren’t too many Airbnb buildings, or somewhere at the outskirts of town. How frustrated do you think the family would be?

Payment refunds may not even cater to the stress they’d have to go through to get another place to rest their heads.

That is why the Airbnb website has security measures that it takes to avoid cancellations from the end of the hosts.

Airbnb is an online website that provides rooms and buildings to people that need them. The website is not responsible for the provisions though.

There are people called hosts that offer their buildings to people who need them. So, if you are in need of a house at the local ends of town, or something that is cheaper than hotels, Airbnb is your go-to choice!

What happens when an airbnb host cancels a reservation?

Let’s see the safety measures Airbnb provides in order to prevent cancellations from hosts;

  • Any host on Airbnb that makes cancellation to a reservation a week before the guest(s) is (are) to arrive will pay a fine of $100.

If the host cancels too often, for example, more than once within the timeframe of six months, they’d be charged $50 each time they cancel.

  • Under every host’s listing, you’d see a bunch of reviews and ratings left by other guests. However, in a situation where a reservation is cancelled by the host, the guest is unable to leave a review.

Airbnb however has designated the website such that a review is automatically added to the bunch of reviews. This review would let you know that the host at one time canceled a booking.

  • Hosts that cancel reservations too frequently; more than twice within a period of six months would lose the right to be eligible for the Super Host.

They also would miss out on the goodies that come with being a host on the website for a year.

  • Hosts have calendars that give details as regards their check-in dates and booking periods. On the day a guest is to arrive, that slot in the calendar is ticked as filled.

In case a cancellation a made, the tick would still not leave. So, the host is unable to accept any other booking for that timeframe.

  • After the host accepts your booking and makes a reservation for you, you have to make payments. However, the host is not paid until a day after you have checked in to the building.

So, if the airbnb host cancels the reservation, you can still get your money back in full, the full refund is made immediately by Airbnb.

All of these safety measures put out by Airbnb makes it really rare for hosts to cancel reservations unless they have no choice.

However, in case your reservation is cancelled for any reason at all, here are some things you can do.

What to do if airbnb host cancels last minute

  • You can find some other Airbnb that you like. If the price for this new one is lesser than the one that was cancelled, Airbnb would refund the difference in price.

However, if the new one costs more, you’d have to pay more.

  • You could just choose to have all your money back and not make another reservation.

How to prevent airbnb host cancellation when booking

As a guest, here are some tips that you can work with if you want to prevent a case of cancellation;

1. Before you make a booking for any Airbnb, ensure that you go through the reviews and ratings. You can easily pick out the ones that always cancel from there.

You should also check out the description of the building listed. Peruse all the criteria listed out—the cleanliness of the building, the communication provided by the host, the location of the building, etc.

2. You also have to be sure that the building you are booking is approved by Airbnb. The identification tag is the watermark for the Airbnb logo. You would find the watermark at the upper right hand of the listing.

You should also check out for the Verified Photo icon beneath the images of the building provided by the host. All of these features are security measures provided by Airbnb.

3. All your bookings and payments should be done on Airbnb. Opting for a third-party platform through which contact is made between you and the host is not safe!

It only opens door to scams and security issues. You also wouldn’t be able to make complaints if you encounter an issue with your host.

4. Ensure that you dig in to your host’s page as deeply as you can. Study the rules and regulations that must be enforced in their homes.

You also want to know if you’ll have to pay extra fees during the course of the check-in. Some require that you pay security deposits at the point the reservation is made.

Be familiar with all of these details before you finally book the building. You can also know more about your host by checking their page.

5. Airbnb’s website has a messaging feature that allows you to be in touch with your host. You can talk to them and know the nature of service they’d be offering.

If you are also confused about anything, you can ask them through this feature.

What questions to ask airbnb host?

Here are some questions you can ask your host before booking;

  • If they allow pets into the house.
  • If they’d be available to guide you around town.
  • The kind of facilities available in the house, especially when you are renting out an entire building.
  • Whether or not a housekeeper would be available for cleaning
  • If there’d be any extra charges that you need to prepare for
  • If cost for Internet connection if included in your fees
  • The host’s details
  • The areas you can tour in the area while you are there
  • Proximity of the building to stores and tourist centers, etc.



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