Raisins Soaked in Water Overnight for Weight Loss, Glowing Skin and Hair

Raisins Soaked in Water Overnight for Weight Loss, Glowing Skin and Hair

Raisins soaked in water overnight for weight loss

Raisins are good, but then, when soaked in water overnight, their benefits multiply via a big factor, an example of these benefits is that they help with your weight loss plan. Asides from that, they help fight against tumor cells in the body, and will increase the defensive ability of the cells at the frontline of your system!

However, raisins soaked in water overnight for weight loss must be consumed at a particular quantity. Eat more, and you may end up gaining more weight than you prepared for. The issue with raisins is that while being very rich in calories, they contain a lot of fiber which can be useful in keeping you satiated.

Let’s see a couple rules you must follow to get the best weight loss results.

  • Females shouldn’t ever have a whole cup of raisins. Half a cup of raisins soaked in water overnight is just good for weight loss.
  • Males can have a full cup and half of another.
  • Dry raisins will never help your weight loss program. They must be soaked in water. That way, the unneeded elements in the raisins can be done away with.

One of the amazing properties of raisins is that they have a naturally sweet taste and an element known as leptin that helps to suppress hunger. Leptin also helps in the burning of fat cells, and that’s just great for weight loss! Another good thing is this—if you are someone that loves to hit the gym just as you take your weight loss raisins, you get to stay energized. Raisins have in them natural sugars that can quickly be absorbed by the body for energy.

How many raisins should I soak in water for weight loss?

On the average, a cup of raisins is great for weight loss. A cup should constitute about 15 or 20 raisins. All you need to do is warm up some water—about two cups of water would do. Add in your raisins to the warm water and then, leave them soaked for the entire night. The next day, you could just separate the raisins from the water with a sieve.

How to make raisin water for weight loss

From the above section, you’d realize that soaking raisins overnight does a whole lot of good. Have you ever considered what the water can be used for? Surprisingly, it’s also good for weight loss! All you need to do is follow a few steps and you are done! For tips on how to make raisin water for weight loss, check this recipe below.


  • Water
  • Raisins
  • Lemons


1. Boil some water in a pan. Two cups of water is enough for this.

2. Pour in a cup of raisins.

3. Boil the raisins for a while, put out the fire, and then, leave them to soak in overnight.

4. Separate the soaked raisins from the water with the aid of a sieve.

5. Heat the raisin water again in a pan. Ensure that the cooker is on low heat this time.

6. After doing that, allow the water to cool down.

7. Squeezing in some lemons inside the water would spike up the flavors.

If you want your raisin water to have the best effects, ensure that you have nothing else after drinking it. Asides from weight loss, the raisin water helps in getting rid of toxic substances from the liver, boosts the heart, deals with constipation, maintains blood pressure, fights against tumor cells, etc. So, why won’t you soak in some raisins today?

Benefits of raisins soaked in water for skin

Everyone wants glowing skin, yes? Here, we will talk about the benefits of raisins soaked in water for skin.

1. Defense: One of the biggest borderlines of defense in the body is the skin. Once the skin is compromised, the body is at risk of several infections. The skin helps to prevent the entry of bacteria and other infectious organisms into the body. Raisins soaked in water help to boost immunity, and that means that they help the skin stay active and more defensive.

2. Anti-oxidizing effect: Antioxidants work to ensure that the body cells aren’t at any time damaged. In the body cells are several free radicals, and they all are dangerous to the health of the organs in the body. Antioxidants will work in ensuring that the skin is regularly protected.

3. Raisins prevent the formation of wrinkle lines, spots, and blemishes on the skin. So, if you are someone who has had it bad with acne, you could try drinking raisin water. The reason for this is because raisins are rich in Vitamin A and E which are great for the skin.

How to make raisin water for glowing skin

Making raisin water for glowing skin is simple. All you need is a cup of raisins and water! For extra tips on how to make raisin water for glowing skin, check these;

  • Adding lemon juice to your raisin water would make your glow game even stronger.
  • Rose water also helps to make your skin glow.

To make your raisin water, soak your raisin seeds inside warm water and then, leave them overnight. After straining the raisins, warm the water again and then, add any of the liquids listed above.

Does raisin water help hair growth?

Yes, raisin water helps with hair growth. The beautiful thing about raisins is that they comprise of Vitamin C, which is great for maintaining the connective tissue of the hair follicles. The healthier the skin follicles are, the healthier your hair would be. Raisins also contain Vitamin E, which works great for protecting your hair follicles from free radicals.

Raisin water benefits for hair

The raisin water benefits for hair are numerous, and here, we will be looking at some of them;

  • Raisins are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which help to make the hair shine!
  • The Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for preventing the fall of hair strands. So, if you are someone that’d love to increase the mass of your hair, raisin water is for you!
  • Raisins contain vitamins that help in protecting and strengthening your hair follicles.
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