Should I Get a Wheaten Terrier? – Why You Should and Why You Shouldn’t

Should I get a wheaten terrier

Should I get a wheaten terrier?

Knowing whether or not to get a wheaten terrier depends on your degree of tolerance. What things can you tolerate you dog doing and what things can you not tolerate? In this article, we will look at the factors you need to consider and everything else you need to know about the wheaten terrier.

The wheaten terrier is good for you if you want a dog with the following attributes;

  • A medium-size and athletic body

They aren’t animals that would gain much weight over the time. The male wheaten terriers usually have weights that fall within the bracket of 35 and 40 pounds. For the females, the bracket is between 30 and 35 pounds.

So, if you are a fan of animals that look like and act like puppies throughout their lifetime, get wheaten terriers. If you are also someone that loves to take morning jogs with your dog, a wheaten terrier is a great choice.

  • A coat that doesn’t go through too much shedding

Most people hate to clean fur and hair from the floor of their home. Wheaten terriers hardly shed their coat.

  • A dog that is sociable and cheerful.

Even if you decide to adopt this dog, you don’t have to worry about it blending with your environment. It is one breed that can easily adapt to any environment or country.

  • A dog that wouldn’t be hostile to strangers.

Although, they may bark at first sight, they are quick to warm up to strangers and visitors in the house. Wheaten terriers are also very sociable with kids. So, yes, you can get them for your kids.

  • A coat with very beautiful and warm color
  • A dog that would be nice to the other pets at home.

Why you shouldn’t get a wheaten terrier

Even though a wheaten terrier seems amazing and sociable, there are still some factors that you need to look out for. The following reasons explain why you shouldn’t get a wheaten terrier.

  • The Wheaten terrier is very sociable, lively and active

What this implies is that it would need a whole lot of companionship. If you are someone that wouldn’t have too much time to spend with your dog, do not get a wheaten terrier.

  • Wheaten terriers can pose a lot of trouble

They have a lot of energy and would either be bouncing up a platform or trying to lick all over your face. If you would rather have a quiet dog that doesn’t cause trouble about, do not buy a wheaten terrier.

  • Wheaten terriers will bark when they notice strange faces

However, because they are naturally friendly animals, they warm up to the strangers in no time, licking across their faces vigorously and kissing them like they were their owners. If you want a dog that would secure you and your house, do not get a wheaten terrier.

  • Wheaten terriers have limbs that are adapted to making long and high jumps

What this means is that if your house isn’t fenced high enough, your dog can easily jump out of your perimeters and cause trouble in some other place.

The trouble defined here pertains to the aggressive activity and licking of other people’s faces. It could also end up chasing rats and cats owned by your neighbors. If you can’t deal with that, do not get a wheaten terrier.

  • Wheaten terriers are terrifying to train

The reason is because they are very willful. They only want to do what their instincts tell them to do. You must have them leashed if you want them listening to your orders. Otherwise, they take off from you.

You should also ensure that you reward them while having them trained. That way, they listen to you more. If you are someone who would not want a lot of issues training his dog, do not get a wheaten terrier.

  • Wheaten terriers don’t want to be left alone

When you leave your wheaten terriers alone, they get very anxious and may even begin to show destructive tendencies.

So, if you are someone who won’t be around to take them out on jogs or other activities that would keep them busy, then, you must ensure that you cancel them out of your dog list.

  • Wheaten terriers have coats that easily get messy

If you are someone that would not have the time for regular grooming and bathing of your dog, stay away from wheaten terriers. The shedding can get so bad that their fur gets soaked and messy with mud.

  • Wheaten terriers are also very susceptible to several health challenges

Some of them include digestive issues, kidney issues and other issues with their sight. That is why you must be willing to keep them eating the right diet. They also shouldn’t skip any of their sessions with their vet doctors.

  • Wheaten terriers are so active in the business of digging holes

They’d dig through your garden and every other place with soft soil in your house. If you wouldn’t like to see holes around your house, do not get a wheaten terrier.

Wheaten terrier diseases

Some of the diseases that the wheaten terrier is quite prone to include the following;

  • Protein-losing enteropathy

This condition occurs when the proteins and plasma along the GIT of the wheaten terrier are lost at a fast rate. The symptoms of this condition include weight loss, diarrhea, frequent urination, etc.

  • Addison’s disease

This is a condition characterized by the low production of adrenal hormones. The symptoms of this disease include poor appetite, reduced energy, and high potassium levels in the body.

This condition results in the abnormal growth of the kidneys. Once this happens, the kidneys fail and issues like frequent urination, vomiting, increased water consumption, etc., arise.

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