What are the Chances of Getting Bed Bugs Twice?

what are the chances of getting bed bugs twice

Can bed bugs go away and come back?

Yes, bed bugs can go away and come back. There’s really nothing stopping these bed bugs from making the second appearance. As long as an infested material is brought into a certain space, the bed bugs can appear again. It also does not matter if the person retains all the hygiene possible. Let’s study the mobility of these bed bugs and your chances of getting them twice.

Bed bugs have legs that they use to crawl around. Most times, you would find the younger ones around the bed, where they can be closer to the person sleeping. However, the adult ones rarely feed and so, take the chances to hide from the view of people. As a result of this need to hide, they wander away from the bed and hide in your clothes, luggage, books, wall cracks, cupboard, furniture, behind peeling paint, etc.

One of the best ways to fight bed bugs is to prevent the cluttering of items within a space. The more items there are in a room, the more the angles the bed bugs can hide. And really, if you do not detect them on time, they could grow into a very big colony—a full infestation.

What are the chances of getting bed bugs twice?

The chances of getting bed bugs twice is very high under the following conditions;

Constant traveling

If you are someone that hardly spends time at home, you really have to ensure that you check out the places you sleep in for bed bugs. The first thing you should check is the mattress. The moment you find blood spots across the surface, you should immediately check out from such a room.

Otherwise, the bed bugs would hide within your luggage. Unknown to you, the bedbugs would have latched on to your bag. So, the minute that bag gets to your home, the bed bugs leave the bag and wander to other places where they would lay their eggs and increase in number. This same thing can also occur when you camp outside.

The best thing to do to avoid this scenario is to check out whatever place you want to sleep in for signs that the bed bugs are present. For example, a mattress that is filled with black or red dots—tiny ones—has probably been infested by bed bugs. Leave immediately.

You could also perceive the peculiar damp smell released by bed bugs into the air. That would be because of the hormone they release when their nervous system gets more active—pheromone.

Furniture re-use

Before buying furniture that has been used before, you have to ensure that it hasn’t been infested by bed bugs. Sofas and other kinds of furniture are one of the best hiding spots for bed bugs. The reason for that is because they have several crevices and angles that can keep the bed bugs out of view.

Do not assume that a piece of furniture does not have bed bugs because you cannot see them moving. Simply look for signs that the bed bugs are there. The first thing that would help you is the peculiar scent that the bed bugs give off. The moment you notice that damp smell, ensure that you proceed with caution. Better still, go for other choices.

If you aren’t careful enough, the bed bugs would leave that chair once placed in your house and then, crawl to other places in your home. Once that happens, you’ll have chances of having bed bugs infestation twice.


When you visit your friends and family, there’s a possibility they could be dealing with bed bug infestation. Once you sit on anything they have that’s infested with bed bugs, the bed bugs quietly crawl unto your clothes. So, when you move, you automatically transfer them to your home.

That is why it is advised that you always store your clothes properly—in a sealed plastic bag. That way, the bed bugs would not be able to crawl unto the other parts of your house. You also should make it a duty to wash your clothes regularly and then, have them dried at high temperature settings. The one factor that bed bugs cannot tolerate is high temperature.

How do you keep bed bugs from coming back?

Let’s discuss more tips on how you can prevent bed bugs from coming back. After the first infestation, most people tend to become a little more cautious. Having to deal with the nasty smell the bugs give off along with other reactions that the body comes out with can be very tiring. So, they’d want to check out everywhere and everything for bed bugs. You can term this as them becoming bed bug sensitive.

Below are some tips you can employ to keep bed bugs from coming back.

1. Ensure that you use a vacuum cleaner to clean your house as regularly as possible. The good thing about these cleaners is that they have the ability to get rid of the tiniest specks of dust—even insects. However, you must ensure that you get rid of the vacuum bag after cleaning so that the bugs that have been picked up don’t crawl back out.

2. Try to tone down on how you use other rooms aside yours. Even if you have to, ensure that you check out the space for bedbugs. The different signs that they are in a place include the following;

  • Black or red spots on the mattress
  • Black and tiny droppings
  • Eggs and shells of bedbugs
  • Bedbugs themselves

3. Have your mattress sealed with plastic sheaths. These sheaths usually come with zippers that are resistant to attack by bedbugs. What this means is that the zipper’s fiber connection is so tight that the tiniest bedbug wouldn’t be able to pass through.

This technique is great if your mattress is already infested by bedbugs. You get to keep the bugs trapped until they die. Their death may occur about a year after you get them sealed, so, ensure that you do not tamper with the zip.

4. After traveling, ensure that you inspect your luggage carefully for signs of bed bug infestation. You also shouldn’t place your dirty clothes with the other clothes at home. Seal them in a bag if you cannot wash them that day. But then, make sure that you do the washing as soon as possible while drying the clothes under high heat. Bed bugs cannot stand high temperature.



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