What Happens if You Don’t Pay Airbnb Damages?

What happens if you don’t pay Airbnb damages

Do I have to pay Airbnb damages?

The answer to this question lies with the host. When you give out your property to guests for a short term, you shouldn’t expect the property to be returned back in the normal condition you gave them. It’s safer to expect some wear and tear. Little occurrences like guests breaking some plates or glass cups, having your towel stained with makeup are bound to occur. Even though these things might be frustrating, they are part of what you go through as a property manager. So here, we are going to know what happens if you don’t pay Airbnb damages.

The real issue occurs when a guest causes a severe damage to your property. In a scenario where an item breaks and has to be repaired or rebought, you’d need to incur additional costs you weren’t expecting.

Some instances of severe damages could be these;

  • A broken mirror or light fixture
  • A hollow in the wall or flooring
  • Destruction of carpets beyond repair

In this kind of instance, you are left with two options. One is to get paid for the damage done to your property. However, this is dependent on whether or not you charged your guest a security deposit.

The second option comes to play when you didn’t charge your guest for a security deposit. In this case, you’d have to file a report to collect your security deposit via Airbnb’s Resolution Center.

Through this method, you’re privileged to request a payment for the damage from the guest. You may also be qualified for a refund via Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.

What happens if you don’t pay Airbnb damages?

Just as it was mentioned earlier, if a guest is unwilling to pay for the damages they caused, the host may need to include Airbnb.

In an instance where you demanded for a security deposit, Airbnb can take up the case with the guest.

However, if you did not demand for a security deposit, the only option left is to check whether you are qualified for Airbnb’s Host Guarantee.

Whatever case you find yourself in, it’s a two day thing. You may or may not receive the amount you demanded for.

It’s all dependent on the wholeness of the documents you provide and the decision that Airbnb concludes on.

That’s what happens when an Airbnb guest don’t want to pay for their damages. Let’s take a look at a few more related issues;

How does Airbnb’s security deposit work?

Take note, hosts who ask for security deposits on Airbnb are likely to be compensated for whatever damages than hosts who don’t. The two types of security deposits available on Airbnb include these;

  1. Airbnb-Required Security Deposit

The first type of security deposits available on Airbnb is the Airbnb-required security deposit. Sometimes, guests would need to put down security deposits.

This is based on the features of the rentals and the time the reservation was made. Although, it is not based on the information that Airbnb has about the guest.

In this scenario, the amount of deposit made is determined by Airbnb.

  1. Host-Required Security Deposit

In this type of security deposit, hosts are free to ask their guests to make payment for security deposits. The usefulness of this security deposit is to have way for extra security in case of damages.

There are some guests who see this process as a means of getting additional charges or as a sign of lack of confidence. The hosts are however free to lay over such guests.

The hosts are free to set the amount they want for the security deposit, although the amount must be within the range if $100 to $5,000 USD.

How can I demand for my Airbnb security deposit?

Demanding for your damage deposit on Airbnb is the same process for both Airbnb-required deposits and host-required security deposits.

If you want to file a report and demand part of or all of your security deposits, you’re free to do so 14 days after the guests vacate or before another guest comes in to lodge.

Below is a detailed explanation on how you can submit a damage claim on Airbnb.

  • Visit their website Airbnb.com
  • Go to ‘Resolution center’
  • Select the booking that you’d love to demand your security deposit for
  • When asked for the reason, choose ‘Request compensation for damages’.
  • After that step, select ‘Continue’. You’d be directed to the next page where you can fill in the details of the damages and the required costs.

Sorting out Airbnb damages without a security deposit

In a condition whereby a guest damages your property or belongings but you didn’t demand for a security deposit, you may still be qualified for a refund from Airbnb.

The first step is demand for a compensation from the guest. The process is almost the same as the one described above. It can be done in the resolution center.

If you’re lucky and the guest agrees to send the required money, Airbnb will work on the payment and send it to you.

In another instance where the guests refuses to pay the total amount, you’re left to demand for a refund under Airbnb’s host guarantee. Below are some of the steps to take;

  1. Follow the Steps in the Resolution Center to Demand for a Refund from Airbnb.

You’d be required to present the Host Guarantee Payment Request Form, and also an evidence stating the details of the damages made by the guest.

Please take note, you have only 14 days to imitate the claim or before another guests comes to lodge.

So in a scenario where another guest comes to lodge in that same day the claim must be presented to Airbnb before your listed register at the hotel that same day.

So endeavor to file whatever claim before a new guest comes in to lodge, and that means you probably have a few hours to do so.

  1. Airbnb will Direct a Support Specialist to Reach Out to You to Settle the issue.

Bear in mind that Airbnb’s Host doesn’t involve everything. You have to ensure that you go through the Host Guarantee Terms and Conditions first.

For instance, Airbnb’s host doesn’t include the damages made by pets. Even though you refusing to charge your guest a security deposit is a good choice, there’s no assurance that you will be refunded.

There are some hosts who have excellent experience in getting back costs from Airbnb, while some others have strived to get remunerated.

It’s all based on the situation you find yourself in. Either way, be conscious of controlling your expectations.

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