Why Do Youtubers Ask for Comments?- Do they get money from it?

why do youtubers ask for comments

Why do YouTubers ask for comments?

YouTube is an application where the video content lives! These videos are made by tons of content creators with unique ideas. These ideas pertain to several facets of life. You can find content relating to marriage, music, movies, entertainment, comedy, finances, cooking, etc. YouTubers and their viewers can engage themselves in the app by posting comments, liking and sharing videos, commenting on comments left by other viewers, etc.

The reason content creators on YouTube ask for comments while making their videos is because the Comment section is the one way by which they can engage their channel.

That’s also another route by which the owners of the channels can get to interact with their viewers as there is no messaging feature.

Another reason comments are necessary is this—the content creators get to have their content boosted.

YouTube has a feature that boosts any video on which great engagement (via likes, subscriptions, comments, etc.) is noticed.

This boost ensures that more people get to know about the video, and consequently, the person’s channel. So, at the end of the day, the video gets to have more views.

Do YouTubers get money for comments?

Indirectly, YouTubers can get money when their viewers make comments on their videos. Let’s focus on how these content creators make money from YouTube.

  • Becoming a partner of YouTube

While watching a video on YouTube, you certainly would have seen certain ads pop up on your screen.

When a content creator on YouTube joins the YouTube partner program, ads would begin to pop up after certain segments of their video.

Through these ads, the content creator can get to make money. This program however is not available to everyone.

A creator can only join after they have over a 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours on their videos.

  • Promoting a brand or conducting marketing strategies

Some content creators create YouTube channels for the major purpose of selling some item they make. It could also be for the purpose of letting the public know of some other item produced by another brand.

This particular technique is known as influencing. If the creator isn’t influencing, they could make a lot of profit just by selling whatever they have to offer.

However, not all the videos they make would be centered on selling their products. They could create content that revolve around whatever they sell.

  • Gaining support from fans

Fan-funding is also possible on YouTube. Here, your fans support you by making donations for whatever projects that you would be working on.

This funding doesn’t have to be something you force your viewers to do. All the creators do is create content that continuously awes their viewers.

The more the quality videos produced, the easier it would be for the fans to offer support. Here are some ways by which content creators on YouTube go about a fan-funding;

  1. YouTube’s Super chat: During a live stream on YouTube, there’s a jar in which viewers can make their contributions and donations to.
  2. Buy me a coffee
  3. Tippee
  4. Patreon
  5. Channel Memberships
  • Uploading videos on YouTube.

This method is the natural way by which most content creators on YouTube earn money. However, contrary to the beliefs of most people, content creators don’t get paid only by the number of views the video has.

For example, someone who is a partner of the YouTube program would have ads incorporated into his or her video. If no one watches those ads, the creator wouldn’t get paid for them.

Regardless, a person can start getting paid when they have over ten thousand views on the videos they post.

Why do you need a YouTube channel to comment?

Before the comment feature can be accessed, there has to be a link up to your YouTube account. Without that account, you won’t be able to make comments.

Creation of a YouTube account is very simple. As long as you have a Gmail account, you are covered. But then, no, you don’t need a YouTube channel to comment.

Comments are not meant for the content creators but for the viewers. It is through these comments that the creator can interact with and engage his or her viewers.

How do I comment on a youtube video?

Commenting on a video is quite easy. Follow the steps below to get started;

  • Find a video that interests you on YouTube. You could either type the name of the video in the Search bar or check out any video that appears on your homepage.

The kind of videos that appear on your homepage are determined by the kind of videos that you usually search for.

  • Just below the title panel (the title panel is a section where the name of the video is fixed), you would see another panel titled as Comments.
  • You would also see an arrow up arrow down icon that helps you to have access to all the comments left by the viewers on that video.
  • At the top of the comment display, you would see a circle that contains your DP. Then, you would also see this—add a comment.
  • Tap that to make a comment on the video. Take note that your comments can be seen by the content creator and by anyone else that scrolls through the comment list.

Can you get paid for commenting on YouTube?

No, there is no feature that covers people that comment on videos posted on YouTube. The only way you can earn money off YouTube is by starting a channel. Any other activity would be targeted towards self-entertainment and development.

Do you get paid for likes on YouTube comments?

Content Creators on YouTube do not get paid for the likes made to their videos. The like feature is for a content creator to know how much his or her viewers enjoyed the video posting. It also helps YouTube to know how much the viewers engage a particular channel.

There’s a feature known as the boost feature on YouTube. It is reserved for videos on which the viewers have actively engaged the video. So, YouTube does its own marketing by introducing the video into the timelines of the users.

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