Why Does Airbnb Need my Driver’s License?: is it safe to upload it?

Why does Airbnb need my driver’s license

Airbnb host asking for driver’s license

Airbnb, for the safety of the host (especially if the host and the guest would be staying in the same building) usually would want to verify the identity of the host, so, as a guest, you can gain your host’s trust by providing your driver’s license or any of the details required of you.

In case you don’t know what Airbnb is, check this. Airbnb is an online rental company where you can find rooms or buildings where you can stay during your travels and other visits that take you away from home.

The services are cheap and easy to book. However, the bookings can only be made temporarily—usually for the period of a month.

During the process of account opening on Airbnb, you’d be required to submit a means of identification. Usually, it could be a copy of your government ID card or driver’s license.

If you don’t have either of them, you could seek for other means by which you could validate your name and geographical address.

So, the reason a host would ask you for your driver’s license is probably because they want to ascertain that the guest is really who they claim to be.

You don’t have to worry about your details spreading on to other users on Airbnb though. The website affords the users all the privacy they can get.

However, if you are uncomfortable with the whole driver license thing, you could also present some other ID card. Some guests could even ask you to show them your social media pages.

All of that shouldn’t be big of an issue. The only thing you shouldn’t ever do is send your details to your host via email.

The reason is because their email account could get hacked. Once that happens, your details are let out to a third-party, and that could be very risky.

If you are also uncertain about your host, you could check out their reviews and ratings. That way, you can be sure that they can be trusted with your documents.

How to verify your identity on airbnb

When confirming your ID, you may be prompted to go through the following steps;

1. You may have to type your legally approved name and geographical address.

2. Present a softcopy of your Government ID card.

3. Other acceptable ID cards include your driver’s license, your passport, Visa, etc. You just need to have a document that proves that you are who you claim to be.

4. The process of Identity confirmation is a must. However, if you do not have the documents required of you, you could temporarily halt the registration process and get back when you have them.

5. You may also be required to provide a photo of yourself. This photo has to be different from whatever is on your profile picture.

It also has to be a clear picture where you aren’t putting on shades, or any other item that could hide your facial features.

How to screen guests on airbnb

As a host, if you are nervous about who you’d be receiving, you could engage your guests in conversations in order to really know who they are.

You could also let them know the behaviors you expect of them while they are in your space. Here are some other things you could do.

  • Check the profile of your guests to know more about them. You could also check out the reviews that other hosts left. That way, you can know whether or not to accept their booking.
  • You could also ask them to verify their identity by presenting any document that proves that they are who they claim to be.

If they do not have any of the documents listed above, they could also present bills and other documents that contain their name and geographical address.

  • You could also let your guests know the certain behaviors that aren’t allowed in your space—smoking, etc.
  • Ensure that your building is covered by an insurance plan. That way, you are protected from any form of damage.

Why does Airbnb need my driver’s license

Airbnb would request for your driver’s license when they have to validate your identity. For the safety of both you and the host, Airbnb has to be sure the users are really who they claim to be. If you do not have a driver’s license, you could also submit any of the following documents;

  • Your Voter’s card
  • Your Visa
  • Your Passport
  • A softcopy of your Government ID card
  • Any bill where your payment details reflect—electricity bills, bank bills, etc.

The document could be anything. All that matters is that it contains your legal name and geographical address.

Is it safe to upload your driver’s license to airbnb?

Yes, it is safe to upload your driver’s license on Airbnb. In fact, everything you upload on the Airbnb website is safe. The only person that can access your details is you.

Also, when you are striking a deal with your host, the only details they are allowed to see include these;

  • The first name that’s on your ID card. Remember, you’d be asked to present a soft copy of any means of identification you have.
  • Whether you are above twenty-five years of age or not.
  • Whether your identity has been proved or not. If you’ve submitted the necessary documents, it’d be approved. If not, it wouldn’t.
  • Your profile picture.
  • Your profile name.

One more thing that you need to know is this—the details on your driver’s license card will only be accessible by the Airbnb management. And it’s just for the purpose of knowing if you are really who you say you are.



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