Why Does Scabies itch More at Night?

why does scabies itch more at night

Why does Scabies itch more at night?

Scabies is a condition that is caused by mites. These eight-legged insects burrow into the skin and lay eggs deep into the tissues. One of the symptoms that can be seen in such individual is the occurrence of rashes or blisters that itch severely, most times, the scabies itching comes on very strongly at night, since the body is in a position that allows the mites to move freely.

The itching is also facilitated by a warm skin and other warm conditions. The mites stick to the body and within a period of a month—when they have laid numerous eggs—the itching begins to start. Once the itching continues for a prolonged period, the skin becomes defenseless and open to several other secondary infections. That is why scabies must be controlled and treated as soon as possible.

Does scabies still itch at night after treatment?

Yes, scabies will itch at night even after you have treated them. What medicines do is to get rid of the mites on the skin of the affected individual. Alongside the medicines, it is advised that the individual carries out other preventive measures like these;

  • Washing clothes, beddings and other materials in hot water.
  • After washing the materials, ensure that they are dried properly under a blast of hot air.
  • If you cannot wash a material or item you have used, ensure that you seal them within a plastic sheath. That way, the mites starve and then, die.
  • Spray every corner of your room, furniture, and other crevices with insecticides.
  • You could also use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the mites. Ensure that you get rid of the vacuum bag once you are done.

Once all of these measures are carried out, it gets easier to eradicate all the mites. Scabies can be said to be treated when the skin is completely free from the mites. However, the itching may go on for as long as two weeks—maybe a month—before it eventually stops. The reason for this is because the skin has suffered an allergy and may take quite a while to bounce back to shape. Below, you will see a list of medications that can help you relieve this itching.

How to stop scabies itching at night

There are several treatments on how to stop scabies itching at night. They include the following;

Tea tree oil

This oil is great for bringing relief after it has been applied topically to the affected person. It works to get rid of the rashes and other blisters that occur as a result of the burrowing of the mite into the skin of the affected person. The only issue is that this oil may not be able to help if the mites have burrowed too deeply into the skin.

So, tea tree oil is great for use at the initial stage of scabies infection. However, most people have come out to be allergic to this oil. Ensure that you look out for rashes or any other signs of allergy after using it for the first day. Once you find some allergic signs, ensure that you immediately stop applying the oil to your skin.


Neem is an active ingredient contained in soaps, creams, shampoos and other preparations intended for topical application. So, if you are going to go for this, ensure that you check the ingredient list on whatever product you are getting. You want to make sure that neem is among the ingredients listed out. It helps to bring relief to the affected individual by controlling the incidence of itching.

Aloe Vera

This ingredient naturally feels cool to touch, so, it is very effective in relieving the itching that occurs on the skin. Most physicians recommend that the affected persons work with topical creams that contain Aloe Vera. However, it is advised that you use Aloe Vera in its undiluted form. It shouldn’t be adulterated with any other kind of additives.

Cayenne pepper

What this does is to act as a local anesthetic. For the period of time it is applied to the skin, you wouldn’t be able to feel the itching that occurs. Cayenne pepper has also been seen to control the population of mites on the body due to its active ingredient—capsaicin. However, to ensure that you are not allergic to cayenne pepper, ensure that you rub it on a part of your skin first before proceeding to apply it all over your body.


They help to deal with allergies caused by insects like mites. One of the symptoms that they deal with is the itching issue. The difference between antihistamines and other topical applications is that they bring about instant relief. An example of an antihistamine is Benadryl. However, never use an antihistamine unless your physician prescribed it to you.

Hydrocortisone creams

These creams also help in the relief of the itching caused by scabies. However, the issue with these creams is that they change the outlook of the rash caused by scabies. Once that happens, your physician may find it hard to diagnose what’s really wrong with you. So, if you are going to use this cream, ensure you do so after you’ve been checked by your doctor.


Unlike other drugs, Ivermectin is an oral drug that is taken in a scenario where the affected person cannot work with drugs that are to be administered topically. This drug is costlier than the other drugs used for the treatment of scabies. They should only be used when prescribed by the doctor.


What antibiotics do is to get rid of bacterial strains in the body. Scabies is however not an infection that is caused by bacteria. It is caused by a parasite—mite. So, when you use antibiotics, note that they won’t take the mites away. They only help in getting rid of the sores that line up the skin. They also help to prevent further bacterial infection in a case where the sores open up as a result of itching. Once the sores are treated, the itching can be managed too.

Other ingredients that have proven to reduce itching include;

  • Peppermint
  • Clove
  • Orange
  • Lemon grass
  • Lavender




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