Why is My Wheaten Terrier So Aggressive? & When Do They Calm Down?

why is my wheaten terrier so aggressive

Why is my wheaten terrier so aggressive?

One of the peculiar features of the wheaten terrier breed is their aggressiveness. They are dogs with a whole lot of energy for playful activities.  In this article, we will exhaust everything you need to know about wheaten terrier, at the end, you’d probably be able to understand why they get aggressive.

  • Wheaten terriers are very active and sociable dogs. This means that they always want to be in a place where they can socialize and play hard. The moment they don’t get that chance, they become anxious. This anxiousness leads to them showing destructive tendencies and aggressive actions like barking.
  • Wheaten terriers can get really excited when they see their owners or any other person that’s willing to socialize with them. They jump high to reach the person’s face, and then, lick them like their lives depend on it. Some other person watching could define their acts as aggressive, but then, that’s their natural behavior.
  • Aggressiveness is an attribute noticed in most untrained dogs. The Wheaten terrier is quite difficult to train, as it is very willful. That is why you’d have to employ techniques that involve you feeding it with treats in order to have it listen to you.

You might also want to keep your dog leashed while getting it trained. Otherwise, it’d get tired and flee from you. Most people do not have the luxury to go through all of these things and just leave the dog untrained. That’s why their aggressiveness is rather difficult to control.

  • Wheaten terriers hate to feel hot. Heat is one of the things that get them feeling very uncomfortable. Discomfort on the other hand would lead to them being very aggressive. So, during those hot summer days, it is recommended that you keep your wheaten terriers in places they can stay cool and collected.
  • Wheaten terriers naturally love to dig with a lot of aggression. You might have noticed this habit if you have exposed soils or gardens in your home. The best thing you can do is keep the gardens enclosed with high stakes or fences. If the fences are really low, the wheaten terriers could even jump across them.
  • Even though wheaten terriers are happy dogs, they can become nasty when they see rats or cats. They chase them so aggressively you would be shocked. This too is another of their natural characteristics.

However, when your wheaten terrier gets so aggressive it begins to kill birds and other animals, you need to take extra cautions. Some wheaten terriers get anxious when they are with other dogs. This occurs when they haven’t interacted much with other animals. So, the first instinct that comes to their head is to attack them. The reason this instinct may be there varies.

Sometimes, they could be trying to protect their owners from attack by those seemingly strange dogs. In the other cases, the wheaten terrier could want to act like the Lord of the other animals. In such cases, these animals could get aggressive.

When do wheaten terriers calm down?

Your wheaten terrier may calm down when it feels zapped. However, in most cases, a whole lot of them would not calm down until they are very old—about seven years of age. Wheaten terriers that have been subject to a lot of training also take little time to calm down. All you need to do is bark out a command at it, and it’s calm.

How to handle an aggressive dog

When dealing with an aggressive dog, there are a couple things you can do. They include the following;

  • Always take her out on walks. That way, the wheaten terrier can get familiar with the other dogs, at least, enough to not be frightened by them. The dog must be leashed when you take it out for these walks. If she tries to attack, tug at the leash and show your disapproval. This is a phase of training your dog.
  • Now that it’s familiar with the other dogs, you can start allowing it to associate with them. If it tries to attack again, ensure that you tug at its leash in warning. This might take a while, but then, it’d help it to be comfortable with the other dogs when they are at a close range.
  • Next, leave it to interact with the other dogs. Tug at its leash if it tries to attack. This whole process helps it to master the art of getting comfortable with them, and not trying to pick fights.

Some of these dogs could also get aggressive when they feel pain at their joints. The only way they can communicate that they are tired and in need of rest is by them being aggressive. Drugs that can be used to calm down an aggressive dog include Alprazolam and Dog Appeasing Pheromone spray. They help to calm down the dogs.

A blind dog could also come out being very aggressive. What you can do is help it know when to keep its pupils closed. For example, flashing a torch across its eyes would stimulate it to lose her pupils. Ensure that you take time to study the pupils of your dog if it’s blind.

Other complex issues include tumor cells in the brain, as well as inflammation In this situation, you’d need to contact your vet doctor immediately.

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